Friday, 31 May 2013

Holiday Mini Haul

With my holiday on the horizon I have finally let myself somewhat loose in the shops ready to take my pick of the summers most wanted items. Although I feel slightly guilty about spending money before I go away a girl has got to look good on holiday right?! I been looking online and visiting several shops but have found Matalan to be my favourite place recently. Not only is it really good value it is also good quality and their stock has really been on trend in recent months. The shop is much more fashion conscious and aimed at a younger audience... as well as our Grandmas.

I've always feel that the jewellery in Matalan can be a little on the expensive side considering the actually quality of the painted plastic metal. That being said the items from the 'Destiny' range were included in a buy one get one free offer. This meant that the two necklaces that would normally cost me £15 were mine for £8 which I think is a pretty good deal considering how on trend and in my opinion beautiful they both are.

I've been on the hunt for some reasonable length high waisted skirts for a while now so was extremely happy when I came across the two skirts. I was also hoping to get it in black but pretty sure I'll be able to find that in another shop. These type of skirts are perfect to wear in both summer and with tights in the colder months so knew they were extremely good value for money. I've already been tempted to wear them but it always feels so much better saving clothes specifically for holidays.
The purchase of shoes was slightly unexpected. After the spotting them in the shop I could resit knowing full well they would go with so much I own and were extremely practical for a holiday involving a lot of walking. I've worn them a few times now (to wear them in of course!) and they are so comfy and will mostly be my go to shoes while I'm away.

Buying just these few items from Matalan has really made me interested in shopping in there more often. They really offer such a great range of clothes for all ages now and the quality has increased so much since they stopped trying to compete with Primark in the 'cheap clothing' stakes.



  1. Love both the necklaces, big fan of spikes and the coloured crosses are so cool! xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool

  2. Love the necklace with the crosses! x

  3. Love the skirts, I got a nice high waisted black one from HnM if you still haven't found one!
    cute blog :)


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