Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ebay Wishlist

Since booking my holiday I've been so tempted by the vast selection available on Ebay. They always have so much at a great price. I've been tempted by the 'In Vogue We Trust' T-shirt for so long now after seeing it on VIPXO's Ebay post quite a few months ago. Despite it's simplicity its perfect for  teaming with a skirt or leggings, and to be honest, just writing this post has persuaded me that I definitely need it in my life. Speaking of what to wear this with the skirt that I found is perfect to go together. They have it in a range of colours on the site but black is always perfect to go with anything. Similarly, an item that seems to go with anything is a pair of Converse trainers. I must be about the only person on the planet who doesn't own a pair despite looking at various pairs over the years. I have finally decided (I think) to go for a pair of bright red ones. I wear Black leggings the majority of the time so these will be the perfect addition to spice up an outfit. Plus with my trip to America in less than three weeks I've been hunting for a pair of comfy 'go to' shoes.
As for the bag, I've been lusting after this for a week or so. Its totally unpractical for America but the perfect everyday bag. Again, these are available in a range of colours but I honestly think the red is pure beauty and its simplicity would be perfect for every outfit. I've also been wearing a lot of rings recently. I love the look of layering different rings and the skull ring will go perfectly with my current collection!
What items from Ebay have you got on your own wishlist?


  1. In Vogue We Trust is amazing! xx

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  2. Oh my goddd that bag is perfect! x

  3. cool photoset. there are so many great things on ebay it can be so hard to decide!

    -Tara x



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