Friday, 31 May 2013

Holiday Mini Haul

With my holiday on the horizon I have finally let myself somewhat loose in the shops ready to take my pick of the summers most wanted items. Although I feel slightly guilty about spending money before I go away a girl has got to look good on holiday right?! I been looking online and visiting several shops but have found Matalan to be my favourite place recently. Not only is it really good value it is also good quality and their stock has really been on trend in recent months. The shop is much more fashion conscious and aimed at a younger audience... as well as our Grandmas.

I've always feel that the jewellery in Matalan can be a little on the expensive side considering the actually quality of the painted plastic metal. That being said the items from the 'Destiny' range were included in a buy one get one free offer. This meant that the two necklaces that would normally cost me £15 were mine for £8 which I think is a pretty good deal considering how on trend and in my opinion beautiful they both are.

I've been on the hunt for some reasonable length high waisted skirts for a while now so was extremely happy when I came across the two skirts. I was also hoping to get it in black but pretty sure I'll be able to find that in another shop. These type of skirts are perfect to wear in both summer and with tights in the colder months so knew they were extremely good value for money. I've already been tempted to wear them but it always feels so much better saving clothes specifically for holidays.
The purchase of shoes was slightly unexpected. After the spotting them in the shop I could resit knowing full well they would go with so much I own and were extremely practical for a holiday involving a lot of walking. I've worn them a few times now (to wear them in of course!) and they are so comfy and will mostly be my go to shoes while I'm away.

Buying just these few items from Matalan has really made me interested in shopping in there more often. They really offer such a great range of clothes for all ages now and the quality has increased so much since they stopped trying to compete with Primark in the 'cheap clothing' stakes.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ebay Wishlist

Since booking my holiday I've been so tempted by the vast selection available on Ebay. They always have so much at a great price. I've been tempted by the 'In Vogue We Trust' T-shirt for so long now after seeing it on VIPXO's Ebay post quite a few months ago. Despite it's simplicity its perfect for  teaming with a skirt or leggings, and to be honest, just writing this post has persuaded me that I definitely need it in my life. Speaking of what to wear this with the skirt that I found is perfect to go together. They have it in a range of colours on the site but black is always perfect to go with anything. Similarly, an item that seems to go with anything is a pair of Converse trainers. I must be about the only person on the planet who doesn't own a pair despite looking at various pairs over the years. I have finally decided (I think) to go for a pair of bright red ones. I wear Black leggings the majority of the time so these will be the perfect addition to spice up an outfit. Plus with my trip to America in less than three weeks I've been hunting for a pair of comfy 'go to' shoes.
As for the bag, I've been lusting after this for a week or so. Its totally unpractical for America but the perfect everyday bag. Again, these are available in a range of colours but I honestly think the red is pure beauty and its simplicity would be perfect for every outfit. I've also been wearing a lot of rings recently. I love the look of layering different rings and the skull ring will go perfectly with my current collection!
What items from Ebay have you got on your own wishlist?

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Home Time

I can't believe the first year of University is over already. I've been busy completing deadlines and enjoying the sunny weather that it really has crept up on me and I its so strange I'm not going back to Southampton for 4 months.
I've spent the last two days packing non stop ready for the 4hr trip up the country to my little house in the North West. It was quite a challenge trying to squeeze all my bits and pieces into my Mum's car. After about an hour and half of trips to and from my room we managed to get just about everything in, minus my duvet which there was absolutely no room for so we had to throw away... luckily I won't need it next year as I have a double bed in my new house. I was squashed into the car beyond belief and had the luxury of cramp at least 3 times during the long stretch home.

It was only when packing everything up that I realised the amount of, well to be frank... crap I own! I was quite embarrassed that we couldn't get it all and it made me realise that along with all the rest of the things I have at home already I have way too much stuff that I really don't need. Thus begins my (late) spring clean, I'm determined to get rid of much as possible as I really believe that 'uncluttering' your life can 'unclutter 'you mind.

Of course once this is done I can concentrate fully on my blog as my mine focus for the first time in months. I've got a lot of ideas at the moments and can't wait to start posting more. I don't know if I'm the only one who struggles to share their time amongst more than about 3 thing without getting in a complete muddle... just me?! I'm hoping that my time management will get better soon, its a valuable life skill after all!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Squidgy Moments Interview

Apologies for not posting this week, it been busy with bank holidays and deadlines galore! This weeks interview is with Kathleen. Kathleen's blog is so nice and really recommend you check it out. She has recently posted about meeting the very lovely, Olly Murs... anyone else incredibly jealous?!
        What is the name of your blog? 
My blog is called Squidgy Moments. Squidgy Moments is a lifestyle blog that features posts on fashion, photography, beauty, travel and so much more. It's a girly space with a light, fun humor to it. It's my happy place :) 

Tell us a 5 interesting facts about yourself:
1. I moved from Ireland to Toronto Canada this year, it's been so exciting going outside of my comfort zone and living the other side of the world!
2. Justin Bieber and Paolo Nutini follow me on Twitter! (@squidgemundo)
3. I met Whitney Port from The Hills/The City OR I've held/touched a t-shirt worn by Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street (yep it's true!) 
4. I have a small obsession with airplanes so I tend to travel 4-5 times a year
5. I come up with some of my best blogging ideas when I'm asleep 

What made you want to start a blog?
I wanted to start blogging so that I could channel my creative energy into something exciting.I love to write and I'm also a talker so this was another outlet for me to be creative and chatty in my life. I started my blog for me and I was so excited when people responded to it. Here I am now, two years later with a really strong following. Taking the leap and starting my blog was one of the best decisions I've ever made! 

Describe your blog in one sentence?
My blog is a happy, girly, fun, quirky, special place where I like to hang out. :) 

What blogs/bloggers do you most admire?
Oooh there are so many! Ok who to choose - I really like Le Powder Room because I think her posts are so relate-able and enjoyable to read. Peonies and Lilies is another favorite of mine, her beauty posts are so detailed. Overall though I read A LOT of blogs. I love lifestyle posts, review and haul posts and outfits of the day posts. 
What is your favorite thing about the blogging community?
I think it's pretty amazing to think that there is this huge network of us bloggers all over the world and we chat and offer each other advise and support and guidance on a daily basis. It's pretty incredible if you think about it. The sense of community itself is what I like the most. It's an amazing feeling! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Wow in 5 years I'll be almost 30!! Jeepers!  hope to be married and settled in a Marketing Manager role. I want to be healthy and fit in my life and of course I want my blog to have grown into something amazing. I have huge expansion plans for it for this year, so by 5 years time... Who knows, maybe it will have formed into a business!x
You can find Kathleen at 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

L is for Ladybird Interview

I'm so happy to post this interview with Laura today. Her blog is simply amazing and she seems like such a nice person. I've left her link below so be sure to check it out.
What is the name of your blog?
My blog is called "L is for Ladybird"

Tell us a 5 interesting facts about yourself?
This is going to be tricky, I'm a bit useless at these kind of questions. Ok so;
1. I'm a Law student. People are often surprised when I tell them this. Perhaps I don't have the Lawyer 'look' about me. 
2. I'm struggling already. I guess one I always throw out there is that I'm a vegetarian. I have been sonce I was thirteen, so that's quite a long time now.
3. During my holidays from uni, I work with disabled children. A lot of people are also shocked when I tell them this but it's something that I love doing. It's so rewarding.
4. My favourite 'drugstore' brands are Revlon and Bourjois.
5. I rarely ever have my hair down- it's always in a 'pineapple' on top of my head. 

What made you want to start a blog?
Well, I was just having a nosey at various blogs one night while my boyfriend was over. He asked me what a 'blog' was. I told him. He suggested I start one and here we are, seven months down the line.

Describe your blog in one sentence?
My blog is pretty eclectic and is cluttered with beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts.

What blogs/bloggers do you most admire?
Ooh, ok. This is hard without offending anyone. Obviously, as I think is the case with anyone, I noticed the 'big' bloggers first, after watching a few of the on Youtube. I probably wouldn't know that the blogging world existed without them, but now, after being around for a few months, chatting to other bloggers and seeing there work I have a handfull of blogs that I love, check every single day without fail and take a whole bunch of inspiration from. So, in no particular order; Jane of Poptartsandsexx. She is honestly the most lovely girl. Not only do I read her blog, I chat to her all the time too. Before talking to her, I could tell I'd like her, her personality just oozes from her blog. Oh no, how creepy is the word 'ooze'?! Now I feel all weird. Anyway, yes, she posts all about beauty, fashion and lifestyle too and I cannot waffle on enough about how great she is a a person, and as a blogger. Ok, next up would be Maddie of Maddie Elizabeth. Maddie's blog is packed full of fashion. I love personal style blogs but Maddie's is by far my favourite and most viewed in this category. I'm envious of her style and the things this girl can pull off. One day, I'm going to convince/drag her shopping with me and let her pick me out a whole new wardbobe. Honestly. Oh and she's also super lovely. Ok, I'll just give you one more before I exhaust this post; Chelsea of Through Chelsea's Eyes. Ok, so Chelsea is another blogger who has a lovely mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts over on her blog. Chelsea's blog was actually one of the first I found and followed after I started blogging. I remember it was her really girly layout and really boucy, energetic feeling posts that drew me in but since then, I've been watching her blog like a hawk. Creepy! I am of course joking, but really, I'm always excited for the next post with Chelsea. She's so down to Earth and her posts can really make or break a product for me. I also love the fact she makes the occasional video on the side- Her accent is the cutest thing I think I've ever heard. She's just very different from a lot of bloggers in her sort of category..? I want to use  a different word but can't think of the right one. But yes, the bloggers who started around the same time, have a similar amount of readership and so on. I've written a life story- Oops.

What is your favourite thing about the blogging community?
How lovely everyone is. It's such a postive environment. I've actually been absent in terms of any online presence (Facebook, etc.) other than blogging for some time now primarily due to the negativity that surrounds it but the blogging community is totally different. All the girls I chat to are really supportive- people genuinely want to help you by sharing their reviews and the like. It's just such a morale booster.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully I'll be working in a solicitors still running my blog alongside it but above all, I hope to be happy and well. Bring on the cheese.
If you would like to hear more from Laura (which you should!) check out her blog here

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


 So big news, I'm going to America!
I actually can't believe it, it's been my dream for so long to visit the States and I can't quite adjust to the fact that I finally have the opportunity to go. I'm sure we all have this place that we dream of visiting one day. Well this is Los Angeles for me. Its a place we see so much of on TV and in movies that I can't wait to have the chance to get over there and start exploring.
Over a year ago me and my friend first discussed the possibility of travelling somewhere this summer although at the time it was very much a pipe dream which I very much expected would come to nothing. It was about six months ago that we started looking at possible places. As neither of us knew where we would be next summer with work experience and jobs we decided this summer was our opportunity to go crazy and travel where we wanted. We spent months deciding and finally settled on America.

We're heading to LA for 3 days before we leave the city to tour around the west of America before finishing in San Francisco where we will be staying for 3 days. We are away for just over 3 weeks so it will definitely be non-stop tour of the west coast.
I know this trip is going to be amazing and have spent so much time working and saving the money to go. I didn't really tell anyone about it, not even my parents till we were set on booking it. It didn't really seem real till we had the confirmation email through. I've managed to get some shifts at my old job over summer so I'm hoping to be able to get some of the money back that I'll be spending while I'm away.

I am completely excited however, I've never done anything like this before and I can't wait to make a start on traveling the world... you have to start somewhere after all!
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