Friday, 5 April 2013

The Beatles Story Museum


It was my brothers birthday on Monday and as he is a big fan of The Beatles we headed to The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool. I had been once before around 3 years ago when I was studying the 60's for my GCSE textiles and had really enjoyed it at the time so when my brother suggested we went back I couldn't wait. Along with films, I love hearing stories and secrets about the people behind the music and in The Beatles case, how they became the biggest band of all time and changed the face of music forever. As well as being visual, the museum offers you a headset which talks you through each part of the displays. The audio is read by John Lennon's first wife and features interviews with the various people that led The Beatles on their way to stardom. The museum really is amazing and it allows you to walk through the different points of their career from recording in the studio to a trip inside a yellow submarine.
My favourite part was the recreation of the Cavern where The Beatles performed before they topped the charts. I've been to the Cavern before but this was so realistic it felt like you were back there. The instruments, brick walls and music really gave the atmosphere of what it would have been like to have been a teenager at that time. The museum also had beautiful  natural photographs of the band along with interesting quotes. This is always one of my favourite parts of any exhibition because I love learning about the band behind the scenes and the relationship they all had with each other.
It really is a great day out so is perfect for anyone who is interested in music or learning about the sixties. I've been twice now but would certainly go again. I'm definitely in the mood for exploring at the moment and trying to go to as many places as humanly possible!


  1. My dad is a massive fan and made the whole family become sucked into the Beatles too. I treated him and a couple other members of the family out to the Beatles musical in London West End for Christmas, he really loved it!

    Liverpool is a bit too far but if I'm ever there with the family one day, I've got to make sure we check this out! Thanks for sharing~~

  2. Really want to go to the Cavern, this looks like such a fun day out! I need to go to Liverpool

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