Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hint of Summer OOTD

Levis Shirt- Ebay
T-Shirt- New Look
Leggings- Internacionale
Shoes- Primark
Summer is finally here! Its been warming up all week and I just can't wait to be finished with work and get out in the sun to enjoy it! Not wanting to get to ahead of myself weather wise, I picked this out as a perfect sunny day look. Of course part of me wanted to whip out the summer dresses and flip flops as soon as I saw the glimmer of the sun, but it really isn't quite hot enough yet! I'm so happy that I can finally say "goodbye boots, hello sandals and dolly shoes" I've been waiting to wear something different for so long its nice to not have to wear the same thing everyday. I'm going crazy at the moment trying to get as much work done as possible so I can spend the last week of Uni in two weeks blissfully enjoying time with my friends. I really can't believe how fast this year has gone, it seems like only a few months ago I was packing up my things to move down here in the first place. It truly is cray cray!

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