Thursday, 11 April 2013

Home for Easter

I've been super busy over the past month, trying to take advantage of being at home before I head south back to uni land again. I've desperately being trying to save money for my holiday with my friend. I was in the coffee shop where I worked before uni painting garden furniture for about 2 weeks straight. I did however, get blisters on my hands and paint on virtually every part of my body. The attempt to book our holiday was met with American laws, oh how I wish I was 21. Its work in progress at the moment but I'm sure I'll post about it when its (hopefully) sorted. I also ate a lot of food and put the diet plans on hold for a few weeks. I don't know what it is about being home but was so much easier to eat anything that I lay my eyes on. I couldn't just blame this on Easter of course, yes, the 2 eggs didn't help but last time I checked Easter didn't last 3 weeks with bacon, cheese and cake being the main food of the holiday. I'm back at uni now and although I have lots of deadlines coming up I'm hoping to go out and visit some place in the area that even after 5 months I still know so little about. How did you spend you Easter holidays?

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  1. You can never eat too much Easter food. It's what I love about that holiday.



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