Sunday, 3 March 2013

Where I wish I blogged from

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I am definitely someone who reacts and works to the space that I am in. My room at home is very simplistic with the odd trinket or ornament so that I could concentrate properly on school or college work. Now I'm at Uni my room is filled with pictures, magazine cutout and drawings all hoping to inspire both my uni work and blog posts. I always dream that no matter where I live in when I'm older I will have a work space or office that will be my own space filled with inspiration and memories. The pictures above are truly inspiring, its amazing how people interpret a work area differently. For me, a work space always has to be light, there is nothing like a dull dark area to turn you from work mode to sleep mode. I  think that it would be amazing to have a room with a view, there nothing that inspires you like an amazing landscape.

Where would you like to work some day?


  1. I'm not sure where I'd like to work, but I know that I'd love to live in an apartment/house that is decorated like an Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie store... sighh... LOoking at all your pics are making my room look like a dump. I blog from my

  2. i love all of the pictures, i would love to have my own office that i could do all my work in. i find my room to be a bit distracting sometimes as all of my things are in it xx

  3. I do my blog in my families study, on a really old computer, and I wish soo much for either a laptop, or an IMac .. Shame it is the money problem again! :L
    Great pictures!! <3

  4. Man, all of those pictures make me want a dreamy office like that SO bad! sigh, maybe one day. haha. love your blog! I was so excited to see that your name is Faye. That's my middle name, same spelling and everything. :)

    xo, samantha


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