Friday, 15 March 2013

A-Z Blogger Tag

Age: 19

Bed Size: I have a single bed both at Uni and Home... I can't wait for the day a double comes into my life

Chore you hate: Just generally keeping the area around me tidy. I'm like a mini tornado from room to room

Dogs: Floyd, my gorgeous beagle

Essential start to the day: Half an hour extra in bed

Favourite colour: Green

Gold or silver: hmmm... silver?!

Height: 5ft7

Instruments you play: Would love to be able to play the piano

Job title: Student

Kids: In about 10 years or so...

Live: I live in Cheshire but go to University in Southampton

Mother's name: Jenny

Nicknames: ermmm... Fifi by my Dad

Overnight hospital stays: Ermmm... Suspected meningitis when I was about 9. Inter cranial hypertension when I was 14 and was in hospital for 4 nights and then again for another 3 six months later :/

Pet peeves:Soo many, I get annoyed far too easily!

Quote from a movie: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Right or left-handed: Lefty

Stores you love: Miss Selfridge... I tend to ogle at the clothes rather than buying anything though

Time you wake up: As late as possible. It depends when I have Uni but averagely about 10:30am

Underwear: Yes... I wear it (that's what its asking, right?!) ;)

Vegetable you hate: Parsnips

What makes you run late: My general laziness

Xrays you've had: Chest for what they later found out was the Inter cranial Hypertension^

Yummy food you make: Pasta with bacon and a heap load of cheese melted on top... yummmm 

Zoo animals: Lion

Let me know if you do the tag!



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