Sunday, 31 March 2013

Blogger Interviewees Wanted

Firstly...Happy Easter!
I hope everyone is having a really nice day. I wanted to blog about something a little different today. I really want to interact more with the blogging world and am looking to find out more about you, the viewers, subscribers and bloggers! I'm am starting a new feature on my blog which will be feature every/other week. Please email me if your are interested in being interviewed or featured on my blog. It doesn't matter how big or small your blog is or even if your don't have one at all, I just want to hear from you!

Monday, 25 March 2013

MAC Fresh Ice Eye Shadow

Cream coloured eye shadows are a a staple in my makeup collection. With the Virgin shade in my Naked Palette on the way out I was on the hunt for one. I was shopping yesterday and headed to the The Cosmetic Company Store as they always have discounted make up on brands such as Bobbi Brown, MAC and Smashbox. Its a really great shop but there isn't always much choice and it really can vary depending on when you go. That being said there were some really nice pieces this time so I decided to pick up this lovely eyeshadow in the shade Fresh Ice. This is originally from the Glitter and Ice collection that launched in late 2011 but would be perfect for me now. Its has a gorgeous cream finish and I love the marble effect on top... ahh I'm in love!

Friday, 15 March 2013

A-Z Blogger Tag

Age: 19

Bed Size: I have a single bed both at Uni and Home... I can't wait for the day a double comes into my life

Chore you hate: Just generally keeping the area around me tidy. I'm like a mini tornado from room to room

Dogs: Floyd, my gorgeous beagle

Essential start to the day: Half an hour extra in bed

Favourite colour: Green

Gold or silver: hmmm... silver?!

Height: 5ft7

Instruments you play: Would love to be able to play the piano

Job title: Student

Kids: In about 10 years or so...

Live: I live in Cheshire but go to University in Southampton

Mother's name: Jenny

Nicknames: ermmm... Fifi by my Dad

Overnight hospital stays: Ermmm... Suspected meningitis when I was about 9. Inter cranial hypertension when I was 14 and was in hospital for 4 nights and then again for another 3 six months later :/

Pet peeves:Soo many, I get annoyed far too easily!

Quote from a movie: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Right or left-handed: Lefty

Stores you love: Miss Selfridge... I tend to ogle at the clothes rather than buying anything though

Time you wake up: As late as possible. It depends when I have Uni but averagely about 10:30am

Underwear: Yes... I wear it (that's what its asking, right?!) ;)

Vegetable you hate: Parsnips

What makes you run late: My general laziness

Xrays you've had: Chest for what they later found out was the Inter cranial Hypertension^

Yummy food you make: Pasta with bacon and a heap load of cheese melted on top... yummmm 

Zoo animals: Lion

Let me know if you do the tag!


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

4 years Dreaming...

Spring and summer is by far my favourite time of the year. I have an upcoming post talking about all the reasons I love summer so check that out soon (or take a look at my post from last year). However this post is specifically fashion related. For the past 3 years I've be lusting over high waisted shorts, specifically Levis shorts (the holy grail of high waisted shorts). I think they are gorgeous and go perfect with so many looks. The picture above is such a great picture with so many styles. I really want a simple light wash colour too... there is so much choice out there! Being a larger lady I do however think that its better to wear clothes that suit you rather than something you really like but is hugely unflattering, I just know I wouldn't feel comfortable. None the less, this year I will get into those shorts. Expect many wishlists and pictures over the next few months, I'm just too excited about summer fashion.
Whats your summer must have?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Where I wish I blogged from

All images from

I am definitely someone who reacts and works to the space that I am in. My room at home is very simplistic with the odd trinket or ornament so that I could concentrate properly on school or college work. Now I'm at Uni my room is filled with pictures, magazine cutout and drawings all hoping to inspire both my uni work and blog posts. I always dream that no matter where I live in when I'm older I will have a work space or office that will be my own space filled with inspiration and memories. The pictures above are truly inspiring, its amazing how people interpret a work area differently. For me, a work space always has to be light, there is nothing like a dull dark area to turn you from work mode to sleep mode. I  think that it would be amazing to have a room with a view, there nothing that inspires you like an amazing landscape.

Where would you like to work some day?
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