Monday, 25 February 2013

New Name Feedback

I'm hoping that any returning bloggers will notice a difference from now and the last time you were here. I have been debating for months as to whether to change my name to something more general rather than just beauty related. It was a really difficult decision as I have spent a lot of time trying to build a name for Fi's Beauty Box and it was something that I didn't want to go to waste. I did however feel that the name was limiting the content that I felt comfortable including on my blog. I really want my blog to be more lifestyle based than it has been previously. Of course I still have a strong interest in fashion and beauty and this will remain a huge part of my blog. However I wanted to include more posts about the other interests in my life as well.
The main reason I haven't changed the URL yet is because I really want to here your feedback. Although I'm not completely happy with the header at the moment, I really want to trial it to get your opinion. It really means a lot what you think, as, of course my readers are at the centre of my blog. I've opted for a much simpler name that hopefully  sound good and will be easy to remember.
 Can't wait to here your feedback!

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