Thursday, 10 January 2013


"The world is like a book, those who do not travel only read one page"
This is one of my favourite quotes, it completely sums up my opinion of the world. I've always wanted to travel ever since I was little. However, with the world being such a big place and me being a fleck of dust in the scheme of things, its been near impossible pinpointing the areas in particular that I want to visit.
Before heading to University this year I brought a world map, I've marked on any places I've been to and I hope throughout my life the map will become covered with all the amazing adventures I have been on. Although I only been to a few places it makes me proud to able to look at where I have travelled. It makes me excited to see what the world has to offer and I can't wait to get started on my journey. I'm really hoping to travel to some places over the summer, just wish I had a travel buddy! I would loved to know places you would recommend in this big wide world


  1. I'd love to go travelling, sounds amazing!


  2. I love that quote, I need to start to save and travel more. This year I'm going to Morroco for a week. Can't wait. xo


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