Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Contact Lenses

Not many of you lovelyeeweas will be aware that I wear contact lenses. So I've been wearing contacts for nearly 3 years and I have to say that there one of the best things I have done. Getting glasses for the first time at the age of 11 meant that had to adjust quickly to wearing them and always felt self-conscious. It’s not that I don't like glasses it’s just I felt personally they didn't suit my face. So, for my 16th Birthday I got Contacts, and since then I wear them practically every day. 

I guess this post is a care and advice post about contact lenses. Although my dad has previously worn glasses and contact lenses (he had laser eye treatment) I didn't really feel I had anyone my own age to talk to about it with. Firstly, you can purchase contact lenses from a variety of different stores, I personally get mine from Specsavers as this was my opticians for glasses and they seemed to offer the best deal. Once that’s decided, a decision needs to be made about what duration to want to wear them for, daily, weekly or monthly. I currently use daily as when I originally got them I wasn't going to wear them all the time. It also meant that it they got lost or damaged it wouldn't be such a problem as I could just replace them with another pair. The weekly’s come in sets of 30 and they tend to last me just over a month depending on how many days I wear them for. Obviously, the monthly’s are more cost effective as you require less lenses but if they get damaged that’s where the excess cost comes in.

Because I wear daily lenses they come in little pots with salt solution. These can be thrown away after using the lenses. Weekly and monthly lenses require bottles of solution and little pots to keep them in and so additional care is need for lenses like that. I would really recommend contact lenses to anyone on the fence about it. Of course it’s important to think about the cost but if you only planning on wearing them on special occasions or like me felt self-conscious in glasses, they really are worth it.

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  1. I have been wearing contacts for nearly four years now and I definitely prefer them over my glasses :)



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