Monday, 31 December 2012


New year, new me. That's what we all say right?!

Every year I set myself some targets for the year rather than resolutions. That way even if it takes me till November to achieve I know that I have all year to aim for. I sometimes find that resolutions can mean that one day you're acting like a completely different person to the day before and can often lead to unrealistic goals.

Last year on this very day,  I made a blog post about my aims for the year, which you can check out here, I can't believe a whole year has past! Below are the targets I set myself for the year 2012 and whether I finally reached my goals.

Nail my interview and Get into University
(I have an interview for Southampton Solent Uni)
If you have been reading my blog this year you will know that not only did I get an offer after my interview but I also got the grades to get into university. The past few months have been so different but I'm really loving Uni and I know that it can only get better!

Get the A level results I will be proud of
This is probably one of my greatest achievements this year. At the start of last year I never would have thought that I would be able to get the grades to get into university. After resiting exams and resubmitting numerous amounts coursework I was able to get better grades than I would have thought possible this time last year.

Organise my time management between blogging, College work and sitting around personal life
Now this is something that I still think I need to work on. I'm ok when I get started but I tend to constantly find excuses for not doing things. I'm not sure why because once I start blogging or start my university work I really enjoy it, its just the starting which seems to take a while. I think a specific schedule will help with this next year.

Finally build up the courage to make You Tube videos
This didn't happen! However, I've basically decided that its definitely something that I want to do its just a case of when. It will be within the next year though!

Soak up every moment I spend with my family and friends
This is something that has definitely changed since university. Living in Southampton, I am 4 hours away from home, so when I do visit home I really value the time I spend with my family and friends. I've already planned a lot of things to do with my friends next year and can't wait!
Increase my confidence
I'm really not sure about this one. Since being at uni I've felt like the shyest person in the world and its actually ended up making me less confident than I was before. I know that its work in progress and when I think about all the little things I've missed out because I didn't speak up or just go with the flow. Its a real aim of mine for 2013 and I will kick this!

Lose 5 stone... Yes, 5!
Ok, now looking back I realise how ridiculous this goal was. Loosing 5 stone in a year was an extremely silly goal so I ended up just aiming to lose as much as possible. I'm so happy that in the past year I managed to lose just under 3st, 2st 12.5lbs to be exact. I'm really proud of myself for it and although I still have a way to go, I made some serious changes this year and I will be continuing with these next year to finally reach my goal weight

Meet lots of new people
I've definitely done this from university. Its so exciting and strange knowing that there are so much more people I'm going to meet along the way. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the people I've met more and hopefully making friends for life.

Start selling the creative things that I make

This is something that I decided I don't really have time for at the moment. With university life and work, friends, family and blogging, I don't think I really have time to make anything let alone sell the things I make. Its definitely something I'm thinking about in the future as I would love to sell the things that I make.

Look back on the year and smile at all the happy times
I'm one of those pessimistic people who always remembers the bad times rather than the fun memories. This year has been such a mix but I've had some truly amazing parts. Some which I've mentioned above!
Last year I set myself 10 goals so I'm going to be doing another 10 for 2013. The first few are on going from last year.
Lose 2 stone
(Yes, that final 2 stone)
Create a schedule of when I'm going to Blog or do Uni work
Start making You Tube videos
Stop being so God Damn shy!
Stop worrying so much what other people think of me
Visit a foreign country
Photograph the special moments
Take a road trip with friends
Work hard with University work
Smile and be grateful for what I have

And to end on, heres something super cute that I found that I thought would be perfect to do all year long...


  1. I love this! Great way to start off the new year. I look back at the year and its been an amazing one for me too. Happy new year :)

  2. Great resolutions! I hope you had a nice new year! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more :) :)

  3. I would love to see a YouTube video from you!

    Good luck with all of your goals :) x

  4. Happy new year to u and may 2013 be a good one!
    I did a resolutions post recently as well, just hope I can stick to them! Good luck on achieving your goals! x

  5. Happy New Year - and i love the idea about the empty jar


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