Saturday, 3 November 2012

Skin Types


With the vast variety of skincare products that are available it can be difficult to find the correct product for you. Skin type is a really important factor that must be considered in order to make sure that the correct product is being used. My current skin type is dry, however, it does often change depending on the weather and climate so my skin type is usually oily/combination. It is important to remember that your skin type can change due to a variety of factors such as diet, climate and age.


Oily Skin
This is when the skin is shiny especially in the T-zone. They may also suffer from large pores on the skin and be prone to blackheads and common breakouts. A positive of oily skin is that it ages better than dry skin as the oils keep the skin more plump. Oily skin is more common in younger females. Products that claim to be suited for oily skin will work well and it is important that exfoliation takes place twice and week and using an oil-free moisturiser. In terms of make oil free foundation or powder products will work better on the skin.
Combination/Normal skin
The majority of women have combination/normal skin. combination skin means a slightly oily T-zone with dryer cheeks or dry patches on the skin. possibly large pores on the cheeks and forehead. This skin type has medium pores, a smooth and even texture, good circulation and a healthy colour. With combination it may be required to use additional different products for certain areas.
Dry Skin
Dry skin feels tight, especially after cleansing. you have a tendencies towards fine lines and wrinkles. women of colour may find that there skin appear dull. Heavy cleansers and moisturiser will help. many company's have produced products that are suited for this skin type. exfoliating weekly and using a primer before applying foundation will help to plump the skin as much as possible.
Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin tend to be thin with fine pores. If you are irritated by the sun or particular products than you make have red patches or blotches on the skin. it can be difficult at times to find the correct products but companies are introducing more products targeted at sensitive skin. Look for mild products that contain no scents


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  1. I have the same skin type with you
    plus a bit sensitive.
    Usually I recomend my dermatologist
    when I am going to buy a new face product.


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