Saturday, 13 October 2012

Topshop Wishlist

'I must not go in there!'
This is the message that I keep telling myself everytime I got to the shops, often for something as simple as milk. However, before I know it, I find myself surrounded by beautiful rings, leather belts and pelum skirts. Having my student loan is more difficult than I thought and I'm constantly worrying about budgeting until the next part of my loan comes through. One advantage, (I guess!) is that the post to my accomadation takes so long that there is no chance that I will be ordering online. Therefore, I am free to preuse online with the promise to myself that I don't later go into the shop and purchase anything I've seen on the web. I hope it isn't just me that struggles with this war against fashion.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

One Day...

A place of culture, fashion and VERY expensive houses, Kensington. When recently visiting London I fell in love with Kensington. Its one of the most beautiful places and despite the rain that was pouring the whole time I was there I was still in a daze about the wonderful houses. 
I hope I'm not the only one who likes to imagine where they want to live throughout the different stage of their life. For me, it has to be a City town house (preferably in Kensington, but then again I'm not made of money!) while I'm in my 20s to early 30s. Then once I decide to settle down move further away from the city, eventually living in a gorgeous retirement cottage near the beach. I wonder how much of that will actually happen! Even so, I still love looking at the houses and imaging one day that it could be me living there. I posted some images from (Links to each are underneath the images) that I felt were just so beautiful and inspiring. Although it may seem like I'm aiming high, I think that its good to, and who knows I may be blogging from my study overlooking Hyde Park one day! 

Where is your one day?


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

University So Far...

I've been at university now for just over two weeks and I still can't get my head around the fact that I'm actually here. I seriously feel like I'm way too young to be at University and actually studying for a degree! I moved in to my little home two weeks ago today and since then I've really made my room my own, with pictures and posters all over the walls (Photos coming soon!). I'm finally feeling settled so really want to step get back into my blogging schedule again... yayyyyy! I was just making a list of things I wanted to post about and I realised that I have so much to say about whats being going on and what I've been loving and loathing in terms of products over the past few weeks. I can't wait to tell you all!

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