Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Quilting and Studs| OOTD

|Top-Primark| Jacket-Primark| Leggings-New Look| Shoes- Primark
I always find that its only when you put a whole outfit together that nearly all the clothes come from the same place (in my case, Primark). As much as I love the bargins and on seasons trends for Primark, I do often find that you'll see at least 2 other people wearing the same item as you. That's why I've started looking at more independent website or high street boutiques in the search for something individual. However, above all my favourite place when I'm looking for something different has to be Charity Shops. There is such a vast selection and you can never be sure what you are going to find when you enter a shop. I loved charity shops even when I was a lot younger, I think I've always been a bit of a bargain hunter!
This week has so far be full of lasts. As I leave for Uni in less then a week, everything I've done has been met with this is the last time I'm going to.... I saw my friends yesterday and although I might see them again before we go it really hit me that although we all promise to keep in touch what are the chances that we actually will, or will we find life getting in the way before we know it. I've been so caught up in packing and getting ready, I've not really had much time to think about the fact that I'm leaving. Yes, I know that I am coming back but with Southampton being so far away from where I live now I really doubt that I will ever live back at home again after I've started my course. It would be great if anyone had any advice about university especially the first few weeks.


  1. Absolutely fantastic blog!
    And what an amazing outfit. Love the shoes going to go and get me some of these.

  2. very cool motocycle jacket with shearling detail!
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. Love the shoes! I'm a sucker for anything studded atm!



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