Saturday, 11 August 2012

Favourite | Large Rings

Cross Ring- Ebay (LINK)
Blue- Primark
Yellow- Primark
Eye Ring- Ebay (LINK)
Gold Ring- Primark

I absolutely love to wear rings but mostly stick to ones that have smaller detail as this means that I can often wear more without it being overpowering. This is however, my 5 favourtie large rings. The majority of these rings are worn occassionaly and usually to add something to a simple outfit. They aren't exactly the biggest ring out there but I usually opt for something simple or 'dainty' for everyday.


(I'm really obsessed with simple colour stone rings at the moment so if anybody knows where to get these or to be honest any style of rings (I'm obsessed) let me know!)


  1. great this rings honey, i love themmmm


  2. Love the blue one!

    Please check out my blog!

    Love Lucy x

  3. i love the yellow and eye one! nothing beats a couple of big rings xx

  4. that eye ring is awesome!! i love the coloured stone rings. i want to collect more! great blog :)


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