Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cuts and Studs | OOTD

|Top-Primark | Leggings- Select | Shoes- Primark | Bracelets- (L-R) New Look, Primark, Clothes show |

I brought this shirt a few days ago from Primark and I am literally in love with it. The cut out at the top is made from faux leather and because its such a simple shirt, I can see myself wearing it on a night out and day to day. Although you can't see my leggings in this post their just plain black, so pretty boring but I think coloured leggings (perhaps grey) would go really well with this top. My shoes were an absolute find from Primark as I have been waiting for a cheap alternative to the infamous studded loafers from Topshop. They also had them in cream and I can't tell you how much I want to go back and buy those too! (I am in lovee with studs at the moment). My accessories for this outfit were seriously simple. The front bracelet is similar to a bike chain and has a cross hanging off it, I seriously love this but just wish it was a little bigger (you can barely see it!).

This week has been majorly hectic, its finally starting to set in that I will be moving in to Uni in three weeks time. I swear I should still be about 13! My mum insisted on getting all my clothes out now so I'm practically wearing rags from now until I leave (luckily these pictures were taken before).  With piles in my dinning room, spare room and bedroom, I'm living in a mist of boxes and bags ready for the big move.  199 miles away from my bed, mum and home cooked meals... whats there to be nervous about?!



  1. I just bought this top! I have been wondering how to style it. I love the studded loafers too! xx

  2. that top is so cute love the detail round the neck x

  3. Argh, I saw that top in Primark the other day but couldn't be bothered to try it on! Wish I had now!

  4. I'm seriously jealous of these loafers, I've been checking my Primark for weeks but it just doesn't stock them! :( Love the top too :) xx

  5. Cute shoes! I recently got some similar ones in Matalan! Have fun at uni :) I'm about 200 miles away from home too but it's easier than it sounds :)
    Robyn Mayday

  6. You look adorable! Beautiful shoes :) I'm following you now :)

  7. Thank you for commenting on my blog!
    You look lovely! The shoes are fab!

    Natasha Carly x

  8. I love those shoes, those are lovely!

    - Keyta x


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