Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Whats in my purse

I got this purse a couple of weeks ago after searching high and low for purse as my old one has been falling apart for months. I found this purse at an antiques centre near to where I live. they have a leather shop which smells SOOO good and full of gorgeous bags and purses. I managed to get this beauty for £10, yes £10! It was reduced form £35 due to being imperfect. By which I mean the leather hadn't been stretched quite right it was the tiniest problem and probably would of charged about £30 if it had be my shop... not going to argue though!

Obviously I can't show you all the cards that I keep inside but I can show you a few and tell you what I keep where. being left handed it would be some much easier if it opened in the other direction as I'm forever opening it upside down. Anyway, I tend to keep the cards I use the most in the inside flap this being bank card, ID, Student card, NI and Boots card (ahaaa). I then keep a few other cards in the rest of the purse such as Costa, UCAS, Superdrug and my Library card. What a mixture haa!

The back part is great for lose change as it means I don't have to open the hole purse the every time I want a little money out. In side i also have another zip compartment that I keep vouchers and notes in... not that I ever carry any around with me. The rest of the purse also has two compartments which I use to keep receipts and notes inside.

So there we go, a pretty borring purse as far as they go but I thought it might be a nicer way then show you here look... I've brought a purse! ha. Hope you are all doing well



  1. your purse looks really nice and classic X

  2. I have an obsession with purses! Coin purses, hardcases, wallets...I'm so sad.
    THis is a gorgeous shade of red! x

  3. what a great deal!!!
    the red looks really nice!!
    i love the smell of leather too hehe xx

  4. Love the nice red colour! :-)


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