Sunday, 8 April 2012

River Lusts

While looking through the files on my computer, I came across this little wishlist. After a few ahhs at the items I had longed for and forgot I decided to upload it in to a post. Being on a spending ban and a strict diet means that these clothes are out of bounds, in the hope that I will one day be able to afford and look good in them! The wishlist above show my absolute lusts from River Island about a week ago. I imagine that they will still have these in stock as they were from the 'new in' section at the time. I seemed to find so much I liked, I was practically lusting over the whole of the shop!

Is there anything that you are particually lusting over at the moment or style that you can't wait to try out?



  1. I pretty much want everything off this list xx

  2. I loveee River Island stuff!! those studded shorts are awesome, I was just drooling over them the other day on the website haha

  3. Making wishlists of things I can't yet afford has become a bit of a hobby of mine lately, as I'm seriously in the red on my student account haha, so I definitely feel your pain!
    You've chosen some lovely pieces though, loving the shorts! xx

  4. I loge River Island at the moment i love those studded shorts I will have to check them out! X

  5. that cardy is amazing. love the print of it, perfect for festival season :)

    Mel x


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