Friday, 27 April 2012



Hellooooo and welcome to any new suscribers, I just wanted to do a quick post today to tell you that I am going to be working on my blog layout and look over the next week, nothing major but I just feel it needs a bit of a freshen up. It would be great if you could excuse the appearance for the next week while I'm making changes (you can probably see a couple of changes already!) If anyone is any help about adding buttons/tabs it would be much appreciated thanks and have a lavalllyyy day!


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Silky Sexy Hair Review

I haven't done a review in such a long time that I thought now would be a brilliant time for one. I recently decided to invest a little more money in the shampoo and conditioner that I use. Have tried a sample of Big Sexy Hair in the some (and falling in love with it) I thought I would look at getting the bottles full size. Now, my hair is majorly frizzy so way I found so many alternatives the Big Sexy Hair I thought great just what I'm looking for. They also sell Short, Curly, Silky, Straight, Healthy and an organic range. I did spend a while debating and looking at lots of reviews but decided to go for Silky Sex hair. These were a little harder to get cheaper but thought that they would be worth it.

Whats great about the silky sexy hair is that they do it in two types 'thin and fine hair' and 'thick and coarse hair', considering the frizzy mast of hair I have a I opted for the thick and coarse one. I ordered from this website The delivery was quick and the products arrived in a couple of days. I received a small 'big sexy' shampoo which I thought was a really nice extra goody.

In terms of the product itself I was a little less impressed. The packaging is very sort of 'floppy' if you get me. Its a little thicker than a water bottle which was annoying considering the price I paid for these products. I have been using the products for over a month now and my hair doesn't feel any different really. I have had problems if I leave my hair an extra day before washing, say if I'm have a ballerina bun and need it a little less 'clean', when I next wash it its still greasy when it drys. Its like the shampoo isn't good enough to get rid of the dirt's and oils.

Because of this I doubt I will repurchase, the product itself is ok but I would expect to see a product this good for about £4 in a random shop. I really don't think that its worth paying the extra for this considering its added nothing to my hair. I do however, want to try out Big sexy hair again as I really think that it made a difference to my hair, opinions would be highly valued.


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ombre Hair Crave

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Forevarrr now I have wanted to ombre my hair. Its something that I was first interested in when I first started blogging. Since then, I have noticed that it has become more and more common with many people at my college now sporting the look. This mad me want the look even more! I made a promise to myself to go and get this done and as I needed my hair dyed I thought I might opt for a whole new look at the same time!

So I finally went and had it done. I'm really happy with the result and so glad to have my hair dyed back to its natural colour at the top now. I think next time I will ask for the colour a little higher up but apart from that I really like it and its been a great accessory in recent weeks. Apologies for no pictures these will follow shortly!


Sunday, 8 April 2012

River Lusts

While looking through the files on my computer, I came across this little wishlist. After a few ahhs at the items I had longed for and forgot I decided to upload it in to a post. Being on a spending ban and a strict diet means that these clothes are out of bounds, in the hope that I will one day be able to afford and look good in them! The wishlist above show my absolute lusts from River Island about a week ago. I imagine that they will still have these in stock as they were from the 'new in' section at the time. I seemed to find so much I liked, I was practically lusting over the whole of the shop!

Is there anything that you are particually lusting over at the moment or style that you can't wait to try out?


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Whats in my purse

I got this purse a couple of weeks ago after searching high and low for purse as my old one has been falling apart for months. I found this purse at an antiques centre near to where I live. they have a leather shop which smells SOOO good and full of gorgeous bags and purses. I managed to get this beauty for £10, yes £10! It was reduced form £35 due to being imperfect. By which I mean the leather hadn't been stretched quite right it was the tiniest problem and probably would of charged about £30 if it had be my shop... not going to argue though!

Obviously I can't show you all the cards that I keep inside but I can show you a few and tell you what I keep where. being left handed it would be some much easier if it opened in the other direction as I'm forever opening it upside down. Anyway, I tend to keep the cards I use the most in the inside flap this being bank card, ID, Student card, NI and Boots card (ahaaa). I then keep a few other cards in the rest of the purse such as Costa, UCAS, Superdrug and my Library card. What a mixture haa!

The back part is great for lose change as it means I don't have to open the hole purse the every time I want a little money out. In side i also have another zip compartment that I keep vouchers and notes in... not that I ever carry any around with me. The rest of the purse also has two compartments which I use to keep receipts and notes inside.

So there we go, a pretty borring purse as far as they go but I thought it might be a nicer way then show you here look... I've brought a purse! ha. Hope you are all doing well

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