Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Primark Haul

I spent the last day of the Chirstmas holidays in Blackpool of all places. I had a really nice day but it was super winding, and I mean super windy.. I've never seen anything like it. We had to buy hats and gloves to keep us warm and I could barely breath it was that bad! I had a really fun day though and managed to win £5 on the fruit machine... wild times! ;)

Due to the wind being a bit of a nightmare. After a coffee in Starbucks we headed to Primark to pick up a couple of bits, i restrained myself and only ended up buying a few things which was good for me!

Fake Creepers £6.00 (Sorry no image) - I actually ended up getting these for free and the little old man at the till (bless him) was a little confused as they had no label and only when I checked my reciept after I realised I had got them for free!



  1. I love the bracelet, it looks really classic. Some good bargains X

  2. love the pattern on the bangle, looks like you found some great bargains :) lovely blog!

    Monyka x

  3. Great finds... love the fake fur...really cute blog.... I am your newest follower!
    xxx Marina


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