Sunday, 22 January 2012

My Latest Obsession

I am in love with these absolutely gorgeous shoes from Chocker Shoes. they have become my latest obsession and I just can't stop looking at them. I know alot of people may see them as a little bit tarty or perhaps over the top but I think they are lovely and worn right can be a real statement piece to any outfit. Its not something I would usually where but I really want theses bad boys. The are £35.00 reduced, which I don't think is that bad considering what you get for you money and they have so many different styles to choose from and many different types of shoes... these are just to die for.


Should I take the plunge and purchase them?


  1. yes i think you should buy! they are stunning!!

  2. OMG those are to die for! Talk about some major shoe porn! LOL. I think that is a total plunge girl!

  3. love the platform- nice leopard print definitely would match lots of outfits!

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