Sunday, 29 January 2012

I've been tyring really hard not to spend any money but I'm sure the odd treat won't hurt... right?!

Luckily (or unluckily), where I went shopping there wasn't too many 'good' shops so the damage wasn't too bad! I brought this little bargain in Poundland. I think they are so good for highstreet  make up brands and I've been wanting to try this for ages. I didn't realise that I picked it up in brown (I'm not sure if there was a black) but as it was only a £1 I can't argue and I'll most likely where it with another mascara anyway!

My mum got me this top in New Look as I was a little on the fence about it. It was only £4, yes I no a bargain, but the sensible side of me kicked in telling me that if I saw this in Primark for the same price I know I wouldn't be buying it. Since I have been home its growing on me... so thank you Mammmaaaarrr!

I'm not usually a massive shopper of Select but occasionally have a gander in there. I must admit I love their leggings. They are really good quality and definitely last the longest out of any leggings I've had before and for 2 for £8 you can't really go wrong. I decided to buy two, in a dark blue and grey, as I have pretty much every other colour they sell apart from the 'erghhhh' few! I don't have a picture as I was wearing a pair and the others where in the wash, however, they are pretty much self explanatory.

I also FINALLY brought a Cossack and hat and a collar/scarf that I have been dying for. I didn't plan to get them matching but don't think I'll wear them together anyway. The hat was £4 reduced from £8 and the scarf was £5 reduced from £10 (I think). I was super happy because I've wanted items like these for ages and they were such a Steal!

The last thing I brought was something a little different than I normally go for but its a style I have been looking at for a while, a sheer blouse. I think they are really nice and give a dressy vibe to an outfit. This was £12 which I was a little unsure about buying for that price (cheapskate alert) but its a little different and looks cute. I really want to where a blouse similar to this (maybe which buttons all the way up) for my interview for Uni and a pair of black leggings. Do you think that's smart enough? Opinions highly valued!



  1. That blouse looks so cute!

  2. I'd really love a scarf/collar like that, looks so snug and warm!

  3. loving the blouse!!

  4. I've heard that mascara is really good and it's a bargain for £1 :)

  5. i love the collar/scarf! looks sooo warm, the blouse is lovely too! x


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