Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dosed by a Lover

Ever since I have seen several bloggers talking about Loverdose by Diesel I've really wanted to get my hand on it! I've heard most people say that the smell is quite unusual and hard to explain, something that made me very intrigued. I was really happy when I went to Boots the other day and they had it on the side for a quick spritz..... I LOVED IT!

I was at the till when I had a go so didn't want to make a panic buy and decided to leave it till next time, knowing that my birthday is in just a few weeks ;) Since then however, I just can't get the smell out of my head. Its a really nice smell that I think is perfect for day and night! It is quite difficult to explain, so I would suggest going and checking it out for yourselves but as you can guess... I loved it!

I'm beginning to become obsessed with perfumes at the moment so any favourites or suggestions would be highly appreciated!



  1. Thank you for your comment! :D Jake is lazy, when you try to play with him he plays for like 2 minutes then he walks away, all he does is sleep and eat!

  2. Wonderful blog. maybe we can follow each other? I'm following! http://karo-just-me.blogspot.com/

  3. I'm really interested in this perfume, I want to try it so badly! I love the bottle but the liquorice note is slightly off-putting, I hate that note in a perfume. x


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