Saturday, 7 January 2012

Christmas Outfit Of The Day

Dress- Primark

I don't know about anyone else by my family tend to dress up on Christmas say, either wearing a nice gift we recieved that year or the nicest thing we own. I decided to wear a dress I've had for a couple of months. I brought this dress for Primark for £12. Its fab for wearing everyday or to dress up more.

What are anybody else thoughts on clothing for Christmas?


  1. Oh, we ALWAYS dress up for Christmas dinner! It just makes it more special. That's such a pretty dress!

    ~ Lauren <3

  2. You look really pretty in that dress :)

  3. I love this style of dress, I have so many like this. I love how they work for casual day but can also be dressed up for night xx

  4. Oh my, this dress is so pretty !! I wear what I usually wear which is a dress and cardi but I usually add some sparkly tights !!

  5. Wow, what a pretty dress! You can never go wrong with a pretty floral dress :).


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