Saturday, 31 December 2011

Time for Goodbyes...

I have to admit I don't really like New Year, its full of: Next year I'm going to...., Next year is going to be great.., Next Year all my dreams will come true!. Call me pesimistic but I usually find that today will be exactly the same as tomorrow and pretty much the same there after. We may be able to change the way we behaviour or spend our time, but we can't always change  people, the past and the world (no matter how great that would be).

Even though I say this^, I do however (every year) fall into the trap of making New Years resolutions and wishing for all these changes to happen... they never do. Reading a blog post earlier on today inspired me to think about what I have achieved this year even if its not exactly what I had in mind and what I realistically for next year.

Made my EPQ presentation- Although it was only to about 10 people and I have done presentations before, the words *Eye Contact* with strangers seem to scare wayy too much.

Improving my confidence- One lovely lady at my work commented on how much I had grown in confidence only last week. I've noticed it over the last year myself, I'll talk to my teachers more if I'm struggle, don't freeze up when talking to customers quite as much at work and have definitely made a lot more friends due to relaxing and chatting... no to say I've not go a way to go yet.

Really developed my interest in Beauty and Fashion- Very damaging to my bank account but very healthy for my happiness

Started my Beauty Blog- You may not be aware that I actually have a Beauty blog (comedy genius) I must say I am so happy for every subscriber, every person who has read my posts and everyone who has commented!

And for Next Year... what are my achievable goals and ideas for the future

Nail my interview and Get into University
(I have an interview for Southampton Solent Uni)

Get the A level results I will be proud of

Organise my time management between blogging, College work and sitting around personal life

Finally build up the courage to make You Tube videos

Soak up every moment I spend with my family and friends

Increase my confidence (even more)

Lose 5 stone... Yes, 5!
(Dreams can come true?!)

Meet lots of new people

Start selling the creative things that I make

Look back on the year and smile at all the happy times

All the best for next Year


  1. you've got such cute pictures on your blog! love it!

  2. thanks for your comments love :)
    the one about the cameras was really helpful

  3. Oh gosh, I so agree with you on time management, I am just so awful when it comes to leaving my work until last minute. I am dreading my last day off tomorrow when I have an essay and coursework in for the next day... Uh-oh.
    I really hope everything you want actually happens!
    Best wishes for 2012 xxx

  4. Good luck with meeting all your goals! I was thinking about YouTube too! X

  5. lovely pics! great blog& happy new years:)

  6. Well done on increasing your confidence! I am also very shy, and it frustrates my confident boyfriend like crazy! I think I'll make that a goal of mine too. ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  7. all the best with your goals! Happy New Year to you!!:) x

  8. Great resolutions! lovely post and blog:)

  9. Good luck with your uni interview !!


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