Saturday, 31 December 2011

Time for Goodbyes...

I have to admit I don't really like New Year, its full of: Next year I'm going to...., Next year is going to be great.., Next Year all my dreams will come true!. Call me pesimistic but I usually find that today will be exactly the same as tomorrow and pretty much the same there after. We may be able to change the way we behaviour or spend our time, but we can't always change  people, the past and the world (no matter how great that would be).

Even though I say this^, I do however (every year) fall into the trap of making New Years resolutions and wishing for all these changes to happen... they never do. Reading a blog post earlier on today inspired me to think about what I have achieved this year even if its not exactly what I had in mind and what I realistically for next year.

Made my EPQ presentation- Although it was only to about 10 people and I have done presentations before, the words *Eye Contact* with strangers seem to scare wayy too much.

Improving my confidence- One lovely lady at my work commented on how much I had grown in confidence only last week. I've noticed it over the last year myself, I'll talk to my teachers more if I'm struggle, don't freeze up when talking to customers quite as much at work and have definitely made a lot more friends due to relaxing and chatting... no to say I've not go a way to go yet.

Really developed my interest in Beauty and Fashion- Very damaging to my bank account but very healthy for my happiness

Started my Beauty Blog- You may not be aware that I actually have a Beauty blog (comedy genius) I must say I am so happy for every subscriber, every person who has read my posts and everyone who has commented!

And for Next Year... what are my achievable goals and ideas for the future

Nail my interview and Get into University
(I have an interview for Southampton Solent Uni)

Get the A level results I will be proud of

Organise my time management between blogging, College work and sitting around personal life

Finally build up the courage to make You Tube videos

Soak up every moment I spend with my family and friends

Increase my confidence (even more)

Lose 5 stone... Yes, 5!
(Dreams can come true?!)

Meet lots of new people

Start selling the creative things that I make

Look back on the year and smile at all the happy times

All the best for next Year

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Unconventional Christmas Image Post

Not the images you would normally expect to see from Christmas really, *Random* would probably be the best word, but that's what my Christmas was, utterly random! I had the best time, don't get me wrong. It was filled with food, laughter and even MORE food. We played the annual game of scrabble where as you may notice my brother spelt Phlegm wrong... not that any of us noticed till the end of the game. My mum gave me the lovely gift of fridge Scrabble (it was a Scrabble packed holiday!) which my brother used to write great things about himself, horrible things about my mum and used whatever words were left to write about me.

I got some fab gifts and it really made me realise how lucky I am to have the life that I do. I am planning a post in the next few weeks of my gifts and how I have spent the past three days.

How was your Christmas?


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Everybody's Having Fun

I hope that all you lovely bloggers have a fab christmas and enjoy the day. As you may guess this post is scheduled to upload today, as I know there will still be many people blogging but I really want to spend the day with my family! Anyway, this is just a quick note to say have a very merry day and I can't wait to find out what everyone got up to!

Leave me a little message telling me what you got this year for a gift


Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Memories Review and GIVEAWAY!

My Memories is the #1 rated scrap booking suite on Amazon and Top Ten Reviews

When I was younger, I loved scrap booking I use to make collages of images all the time just for fun! I was sent an email to try My Memories digital scrap booking software and was a little unsure whether an electronic version would be for me. I decided to give it a go none the less... and boy was I wrong! I think the main advantage for this piece of software is that its all in one place, you can choose a background, add images and leave messages in the space of 10 minutes! Whats more you can choose from a range of themes for free and even purchase a few extras for a surprising low price.

The image above is taken from the My Memories website, its so great to show your friends and family scrap books and share photos. As you can see, you can also add videos and music for electronic forms.... how funkayyy!

This image is taken from the gallery on the My Memories website, its great for sharing tips and ideas! I have created a few myself and 'messed' around with different themes and I must say there are some many different styles and looks that you can try not to mention all the different embellishments on offer.

I must admit that it isn't quite the same not having the paper and different textures in front of you, but I would definitely suggest this for anyone who loves making scrap books. Another point I must mention is the different types of scrap books that you can make, they can be as long or a short as you want and although there is lots of guiding and help throughout what the final piece looks like it up to you.... you can have it your way!

My Memories isn't just a scrapbook either, there are so many extra features that are so interesting. I would highly recommend checking out the website specifically this page if not the whole site.

The cost of the software is $40 (yes, they are an American brand but can be downloaded in the UK and other countries and are still very popular!) which I think is quite reasonable for the huge range that you are getting. To find out more, check out the My Memories You Tube channel.


My memories are giving you the chance to win one of these bad boys! All you have to do is follow the instructions below to be in with a chance of winning $40 worth of software.

To enter you must...
You must be a GFC follower
You need to Like/Follow my memories on facebook or Twitter or Blog.
Comment below telling me what your favourite page layout is from the My Memories website.

For extra entries you can...
Like My facebook/twitter/blog page (Which ever ones you haven't done above) (x2)
Tweet the following message - "I really want to get my hand on the amazing My Memories photobook studio in the @Lovelain94 giveaway!" (x1)
Follow me on twitter (link) (x1)
Like my facebook page (link) (x1)
Blog about this giveaway (x3)

Leave you GFC and email address below along with any extra entries.
The competition closes on the 1st January 2012

Good Luck to everyone who enters and once the winner is announced I will also be uploading a promotional code for anyone who didn't win to get a discount!

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