Monday, 21 November 2011

Shoe Wishlist!

If you checked out my makeup wishlist (Link), you would know that I am currently running a wishlist series. If you didn't guess by the title above, these are the shoes that I have literally dying over!

Leopard Print - Choker Shoes
Glitter Heels- Topshop
Tortoise Print Heels- Topshop
Green Velvet- ASOS
Chelsea boots- ASOS
Orange Heels- ASOS

With the party season coming up and my 18th pretty soon, I can justify making these purchases, right?!



  1. I've been eyeing those green velvet asos ones for a while too, and their purple sisters, they're so gorgeous! xx

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  2. ooo love the selection here! Very classy!
    you sent me your link through twitter @marlenefrierson ( I'm glad you did) great blog hun!
    Keep it up!

    The Diva Doll

  3. Love the leopard printed shoes!
    Happy 2012!

    x Sarah


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