Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mac Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection

I'm sure many of us have now heard about the new MAC collection and apart from the the white packaging, that I must admit I am not particularly fond of I'm super excited to get my hands on some of the collection.

Here are just some of the products from the new collection that have caught my eye, and with going shopping in Manchester soon I doubt that these will just be on my wishlist!

Mascara- Opulash
Lipgloss- Dress to Dazzle
Face Powder- Snowglobe

What items are you dying to get you hands on?



  1. The lipgloss looks gorgeous - I'm normally a cheapskate when it comes to make up but do like a nice gloss, I'll have to have a look at this one :) xx

  2. you have the cutest blog!! i'm following you now :) xxxx

  3. love the look of the lipsticks, ive never tried mac out before! xx


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