Thursday, 24 November 2011

Powda Wowza Wowza!

I am actually obssessed with getting my hands on this product, its the new Benefits

If you are familiar with the Benefit Christmas sets than your probably aren't as (over) excited as me. This set retails at £19.50 which I think is a real bargin considering you get 2 blushers and a bronzer which would normally cost £23.50 each! This set includes Coralista, a blush I have had my eye on for ages. Bella Bamba, this is probably the blush I know the smallest about but looking at this I can't believe I haven't thought about getting it before. The Bronzer in this set is the well known Hoola Bronzer, this cult favourite is sworn by by so many gurus in the beauty community.
Sadly, with my family being super organised this year (for some reason), they have already brought all their Christmas presents and with the hints going unnoticed I really have no excuse but to buy it myself... right?!


Monday, 21 November 2011

Shoe Wishlist!

If you checked out my makeup wishlist (Link), you would know that I am currently running a wishlist series. If you didn't guess by the title above, these are the shoes that I have literally dying over!

Leopard Print - Choker Shoes
Glitter Heels- Topshop
Tortoise Print Heels- Topshop
Green Velvet- ASOS
Chelsea boots- ASOS
Orange Heels- ASOS

With the party season coming up and my 18th pretty soon, I can justify making these purchases, right?!


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

First ever OOTD!

Can you believe I have never done one of these? I am quite body conscious, but after the OOTD #bbloggers chat a few weeks ago, I decided that I was going to make a post no matter what. I personally love OOTD as I love seeing what people are wearing at the moment.

Jumper: Next Outlet
Leggings- Primark ( these are super thin so I have tights on underneath. Great for keeping you warm in the autumn breeze).
Shoes- Dorothy Perkins
Nail Polish- ELF (Fire Coral)
Bracelets- Ebay, Clothes Show and Vintage Store.

As you can see I haven't quite got the act of OOTDs but I promise it is work in progress. I did originally plan to have my head in the photo (No I didn't go to college without it!) but I took SOO many pictures and on nearly all of them I had a pretty gormless expression. I would really appreciate any advice for these pictures as I honesty didn't understand how tricky it would be to get them right!

Hope your having a lovely day!


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mac Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection

I'm sure many of us have now heard about the new MAC collection and apart from the the white packaging, that I must admit I am not particularly fond of I'm super excited to get my hands on some of the collection.

Here are just some of the products from the new collection that have caught my eye, and with going shopping in Manchester soon I doubt that these will just be on my wishlist!

Mascara- Opulash
Lipgloss- Dress to Dazzle
Face Powder- Snowglobe

What items are you dying to get you hands on?


Monday, 7 November 2011

Bonfire Night!

That time of year when well dress up in our woolly hats and coats to pay £5 to stand in a field and watch some colourful lights burst into the sky... FUN! I must however, admit that I LOVE bonfire night. Just standing with a crowd of people hearing all the oohhhhsh and arrhhhhhhs makes me excited, and this year was not different. I headed down to our local cricket club where they had fireworks, (duh) a bonfire (double duh), live bands and fair. Yt was a great night and the fireworks were spectacular.

 How have you been celebrating this bonfire night?


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