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I was super excited to be attending London Fashion Weekend this year sponsored by Vodafone. 
For those of you who don't know what London Fashion Weekend is, it's a great event held in Somerset House that is open to the public with lots of designer pop up shops offering fabulous discounts ranging from 30%-70% off. It was an opportunity for a lovely weekend out with the girls, sipping champagne for breakfast and having velvet cupcakes available to us all day!!!
We purchased the Platinum Lounge tickets which meant we had access to the VIP lounge, free drinks and canapes, reserved front row seats for the catwalk and a half decent goodie bag given to us at the end of the day. We also had an Elizabeth Arden and a Toni and Guy master class which revealed some hints and tips of hot new looks for summer 2012.

What to wear?
It was hard deciding what to wear for the event,  so I kept it stylishly chic and smart. 
We were there from 930am so I didn't want to turn up looking glamorous and ridiculous so I mixed up vintage with new and kept things simple. 
When you go to a fashion show you don't want to dress up too much because sweetheart, remember, your not the one going down the catwalk and also don't wear high heels! Your going to be on your feet walking around for most of the day shopping so a comfortable height is a must but still NO FLATS!

(chain detail and button detail on vintage jacket)

Skirt from Forever 21 - £12
Black peace sign rosary - Miss Selfridge £10
MAC number 7 lashes £10
Vintage Jacket valued at £170

Catwalk Show
The catwalk show was fun and obviously the highlight of the the event, reserved front row seats which naturally was exciting because we got to see all the detail of the clothes and models close up and personal.
Sheree and Liz didn't stay for the whole show and snuck out halfway through when the room went dark lol, not out of bordem, oh no no no, my beauty addicts had a make-up session booked with the Elizabeth Arden ladies which they didn't want to miss so me and Abi stayed. I think Sheree had a bad feeling after she had her make-up done, I mean jeez! she had an affair behind MAC's back! (quote) I don't think the ladies at EA has made her a convert yet so MAC Sheree is sorry!
Anyway, it was nice to see some of the current Autumn/Winter collections from designers like Jeager and some of the Spring/Summer 2012 collections from up and coming and established designers.

Purchases made

Now before you all think I'm cray, I didnt just go for any Elizaeth Arden product. As we had the Platinum tickets, we were lucky enough to have a Master Class, and after the class an E.A beauty expert came round to our area and did a skin test with a small device that was truly amazing. 

She told me my skin was very dehydrated and not very firm. She suggested or 'SOLD' me, some products that suited my skins needs and so far it seems to be working. 
Im doing an Elizabeth Arden product testing week next week so keep a look out for some more info on all these products.

So overall I only spent £52 on some Elizabeth Arden products and got a cool goodie bag for free packed full of extra treats! 
It included the EA Bronzer, 8 hour lip balm stick, 8 hour hand cream, intervene 3 in 1 daily cleanser and exfoliator primer, radiance serum and a small bottle of perfume OH and a black bag! AND BREATH!

(to put mine and my husbands pic inside :) cheesy)


 Love this clutch bag! 
  Even RhiRhi's got one 

Chambords Goodie Bag

Next week as I mentioned above, I'll be reviewing some of the Elizabeth Arden products and some of the products that were in my goodie bag and discussing some of the tips for next year told by the beauty experts themselves, so come back next week an check it out!
See you soon guy!

1. What inspired you, or made you want to start your own blog? - Ive been on the vlogging scene for years and have been performing for more and have real dedicated watchers/readers on and facebook and youtube so communicating with  people with other tools using social networking sites has always been an interest of mine and promoting my music is probably how it started. But just before i got married in May i started writing things instead of filming and i thought i might as well give it a go so created my blog. Besides, i dont always carry my video camera everywhere but i always carry my phone meaning i can take more pics.
2. What are your top 5 favourite blogs that you enjoy reading? o m g - i read so many blogs i cant say which ones are top :( it wont be fair to some people sorry cant answer that question. But i do like new bloggers, they generally tend to interact more with other bloggers and arnt on such a high f////ing horse! I get really annoyed with them so i don't bother with reading anything they have to say, generally the things they talk about are stuff theyve been sent were-as some blogs i read are people who buy things with their hard earned cash! and have real opinions and talk about less commercial products which i prefer. You can tell who they are too - they all get sent the same stuff, its funny one week I came across 3 blogs that all wrote about the new sleek eyeshadow. I just laughed.
3. Tell us a little about your life away from blogging?
Well im a newly wed its been 5 months now but me and my husband (its weird not saying boyfriend) have been together for 5 years now. 
Im also a singer and songwriter went to the same school as Wretch 32 and Chipmunk and 
my best mate and producer also produced tracks for both of them - lil secret for ya lol and there is a road named after my family in Trinidad. 
I love shopping and buying unique bits of clothing. Half my wardrobe is vintage. 
4. Any tips for future bloggers?

Say what you have to say without worrying about people reading your blog. If they like it they will follow you if not who gives a crap. Dont worry about having a big fan base just focus on what you have to say and enjoy what you write about. Dont let it become a job.

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