Thursday, 27 October 2011

Makeup Wishlist

I don't know if its just me but I spend all year drooling over many products only for my Birthday and Christmas to come and to be completly lost for what to ask for, Not this year! Planning ahead as I always do (yeah, I don' do that!) I have made a few (loads) of 'Wishlists' for products I'm craving over.... first up BEAUTY!

A few of these items are products everyone should own, I mean I must be the only person in the world who doesn't own the Naked Palette. I clearly won't be getting all these products for Christmas but a girl can dream aye....


  1. love ur wishlist:) i kinda matches mine:P x

  2. That Mac lipstick is just gooorgeous! Such a classic and chic colour would look perfect for day to day wearing :) gorgeous wish list hope you get some of it!


  3. Love your wishlist! I also never had wishlists before, but I'm definitely writing a letter to Santa this year, haha. :D

  4. I have creme d nude and I really love it!I also would love a MAC pallette, every payday I promise myself Ill buy one then dont! I am gonna try be more orgainised this christmas!


  5. The naked palette is a must! I use it every day :)
    Lucy x

  6. @Rakhshan I know some of these items are so popular!

    @Sarah - you know when you want something so much, thats what's I'm think about that lipstick hehe!

    @Sandra- I can't believe how much I'm craving this year.

    @Liz- It really seems like a favourite, more reason to try it out hehe!

    @Lucy - Really want it, it seems expensive but when you work out the cost for each shadow its really worth it!

    @Kirsty- MEE TOOO!!

    Thanks for all your comments xxxxx

  7. MAC Creme d' Nude,Urban Decay Primer Potion,Urban Decay Naked palette and MAC Eyeshadow palette are all great items, I certainly get good use out of them all. The mac eyeshadow pallet is great but I still haven't filled mine up yet!!

  8. omg you and i are twins! i feel like i'm the only one in the world without naked palette! i found it on ebay brand new WITH a primer potion for half the price! so i've been bidding :D
    and my boyfriend just bought me porefessional - i have to admit it's not AS amazing and everyone says, but it still does wonders :)

  9. Great Picks! Want them all!) I'm loving your blog! I 'd love if you visited my blog for multiple posts on all things fashion and style. I'm following you, I hope you'll do the same. Thanks so much.

  10. Ooh, lovely wishlist. I just bought the Naked palette yesterday and I'm already in love! ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  11. I love your wishlist! I've been wanting the naked palette also & I put it on my xmas wishlist as well :)


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