Thursday, 22 September 2011

September Glossy Box!

This month was a bit of a spoiler as far as the Glossy Box goes. A lot of beauty gurus, both here on blogger and you tubers were sent their boxes early to share with us… worst nightmare for someone who can’t resist a peak!
I proudly restrained, and didn’t look at anything to do with the Glossy Box, which although painful, was worth it! The theme of this month’s glossy box was 5 future classics. I had high hopes for this month’s and expected that with the price increase (£10-£12.95) Glossy Box would be pulling out all the stops.

HD Brows, Brow brush.sponge and 
MÓA (the green balm)

 Plum perfume by Mary Greenwell and Dead Sea- Spa Magik

For me this month’s Glossy Box is very mixed, Although I can’t wait to try the Dead sea- Spa Magik (I love a good exfoliator!) and the mini lip balm. Most of the products just didn’t really ‘float ma boat’.  I very rarely fill in my eyebrows as they are so thick, they look terrible after. I do usually try to extend my eyebrow line slightly as they are quite short. YES, this does equal fat, stumpy brows! I will be giving the HD Brows a go, but I think it will mainly be used an eye shadow for me. Another feature in this month’s box was perfume, I really like trying out perfumes before I buy, the only thing I dislike about it being in my box is I could probably pick this up somewhere for free so I don’t really see it as that much of a deal.

Overall, I feel that this month’s Glossy Box is… OK. I must admit that I was slight disappointed but I have heard that many people were happy with this month’s Glossy Box, I guess it just depends on what your into.

What do you think of this month’s Glossy Box?


  1. this month was the first time i tried out glossybox and im like you.. i was overly underwhelmed.. i received two shampoo&conditioner sachets instead of the exfoliator.. which are basically like a free sample you could get in a magazine... i think ill only order it again if theres a must have item in there!

  2. I wish I'd got the brow kit in a darker colour, I got the one for blondes and I am certainly not a blonde!

  3. Your blog looks nice and clean! I like that you change up the background in your pictures. The only thing I would recommend is possibly posting more often - but don't feel pressured too!

  4. I'm so with you on the brow thing. Mine are naturally bushy so putting on more brow stuff makes it really exaggerated and my face isn't contoured/slim enough to pull it off. LOL

    How are you finding the MOA balm?

  5. @Victoria- I totally agree! The price doesn't seem worth it! x

    @Arabella- Thats one of the dissadvantages of the box, I've had a few things that aren't right for me!

    @Amanda- Thank you! Yeah, I normally put more posts up but I'm really struggling to manage my time along with college! xxx

    @Yin- Its really annoying because sometimes I want to just make the shape look neater but then it ends up so over powering. I haven't used that balm that much but I really like how gentle it is on the lips xx

  6. I really wish we had these beauty boxes in Norway, everything looks so amazing :)


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