Monday, 26 September 2011

Special Guest Blogger

Khushbu's Top 5 fashion tips:
1. Shop Anywhere! What does this mean? Don't be afraid to shop at Kmart, Walmart or Thrift Stores. Its about finding key pieces and styling them. No one said you had to wear head to toe Kmart clothes! Get different clothing pieces from different stores.
2. Read lots of magazines and get inspired. Its always fun re creating looks. If you want to save money go on and watch fashion shows for free! Its Its always fun to recreate a Marc Jacobs look. 

3. Get your hands on Forever21 accessories. They are trendy, good quality and extremely affordable . If you don't have a forever 21 then go on the website and order online! 

4. Spend a little bit more money on classic pieces such as True Religion Jeans or a little black dress. These pieces are always trendy and you can style it many different ways. 

5. BE CONFIDENT. Most important tip. You have to love yourself for who you are. If you don't then who will? You can go out and buy the latest designer clothes but If you don't love yourself what's the point?


1. What inspired you, or made you want to start your own blog?
I always loved fashion growing up. I got really inspired by browsing through other girls who did fashion blogs. I was like "hey I want to do this!" I just really wanted to show other girls my sense of style 
2. What are your top 5 favourite blogs that you enjoy reading?

  Tell us a little about your life away from blogging. 
I love to blog but I am also a YouTube Guru under the name of LipstickOnMyLatte. Aside from the virtual world I'm definitely a normal down to earth girl. I am a huge bookworm and I spend most of my days reading.

4. Any tips for future bloggers? 
GO FOR IT! I was always scared of starting my blog and my Youtube Channel. I was scared of people saying really mean things or people not liking me. I am so glad I went for it because now I have so many opportunities and I see life in a whole new perspective. Always follow your dreams and never give up

Khushbu's Blog:

If you would like to take part in my guest blogging series please leave a comment below with your email address!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

September Glossy Box!

This month was a bit of a spoiler as far as the Glossy Box goes. A lot of beauty gurus, both here on blogger and you tubers were sent their boxes early to share with us… worst nightmare for someone who can’t resist a peak!
I proudly restrained, and didn’t look at anything to do with the Glossy Box, which although painful, was worth it! The theme of this month’s glossy box was 5 future classics. I had high hopes for this month’s and expected that with the price increase (£10-£12.95) Glossy Box would be pulling out all the stops.

HD Brows, Brow brush.sponge and 
MÓA (the green balm)

 Plum perfume by Mary Greenwell and Dead Sea- Spa Magik

For me this month’s Glossy Box is very mixed, Although I can’t wait to try the Dead sea- Spa Magik (I love a good exfoliator!) and the mini lip balm. Most of the products just didn’t really ‘float ma boat’.  I very rarely fill in my eyebrows as they are so thick, they look terrible after. I do usually try to extend my eyebrow line slightly as they are quite short. YES, this does equal fat, stumpy brows! I will be giving the HD Brows a go, but I think it will mainly be used an eye shadow for me. Another feature in this month’s box was perfume, I really like trying out perfumes before I buy, the only thing I dislike about it being in my box is I could probably pick this up somewhere for free so I don’t really see it as that much of a deal.

Overall, I feel that this month’s Glossy Box is… OK. I must admit that I was slight disappointed but I have heard that many people were happy with this month’s Glossy Box, I guess it just depends on what your into.

What do you think of this month’s Glossy Box?

Friday, 16 September 2011

Models Own Haul

Heloooo... Sorry I haven't been around for the last week but college was calling! :( The majority of my blogging has been done over the summer so I'm adjusting to sharing the time now... I'll try! :)

Many of you may of heard of the Models Own 50% off sale and I have finally got round to uploading my haul!

R-L: Purple grey, Black magic, Betty blue, Slate green, Pure purple, Scarlet sparkle
I have actually just realised I missed Peach sherbet of this picture but really wanted to get this post up!

Lipstick- Coral, Black nail art pen, Eye shading brush

This was my first time trying Model Own and I must say that I was quite impressed with there products and for £2.50 each I payed I think they were excellent value. I tried to pick some polish colours that would be perfect for Autumn and Winter. The lipstick was BRIGHT orange and I mean bright. I've had a little go with it but its just wayy to bright for me to pull off! I'm really loving the brush at the moment too, I'm always in need of eyeshadow brushes, so this was a great add to the collection. Finally for the nail pen, its a lot smaller than you think which is a little disappointing but it work really well and can't wait till they release more colours!


Monday, 5 September 2011


helooo... Very quick post today! I'm loving metallic looks at the moments so decide to have a go with the products that I had to hand! I paired this with a pink check and neutral lips.

Again the lighting isn't the best and it was lot more bronze in person (Tips for lighting would be much appreciated!)

Products I used-
Elf nude eye primer
Elf Eye cream - Dawn
Bronze professional palette -Orange/bronze
Unbranded Silver eyeshadow
Elf liquid eyeshadow- Sexy silver
Sleek original palette- metallic brown
17 starry eyes - Neptune
L'Oreal 4D Lash Architect

What looks are you loving at the moment?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Squeaky clean brushes...

As any makeup lover will know keeping your makeup brushes clean is extremely important if you want your brushes to work to there best and above all not spread a brush of bacteria over your face. I clean my brushes once a week, when I'm not being lazy! I've done a step by step guide of how I deep clean my brushes, different people choose to clean there brushes in different ways, this is just how I do it! :)

1. squirt a circle of washing up liquid on to a plate, along with a small amount of olive oil (I used sunflower oil as thats all I had but a very small amount)

2. Rub the brush onto the plate putting it into both the washing up liquid and oil.

3. Wipe the brush over the hand in a gentle motion
4. Lay the brushes down on a tissue while you finish with the rest of the brushes.
5. Once you have done this to all your brushes wash them under a tap till the water runs clear.
6. the last step is to leave you brushes hanging upside down, this is quite difficult to do and means you really have to work with what you have got. I uses some shelving and stick my bigger brushes between the bars. For my smaller brushes I hang them around the frame of my bed! If you really can't find somewhere than rest them on their side!

Before and after shots of my ELF Stipple brush!

I hope that this has helped people wondering how to clean their brushes, please remember that this is just how I do it and what I have learnt from other people. I know lots of people do this different ways but I feel this works best for me!

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