Sunday, 28 August 2011

Skincare Travel Essentials

Holiday!!!! As some of you who follow me on twitter will know, I on holiday right now! (This post is scheduled!) As I was packing my suitcase I thought that I would share my beauty travel essentials. The only shame is I'm going so late in the year most people will of had there holidays, oh well... maybe a late September break for some people! :) Just remember I only went to Wales so may not have the spritz spray and after sun you would be thinking of.

All the products that I am taking are sample sizes as they are easier to fit in my bag and gives me a chance to try out lots of new products... something to take myself away from the British weather.

Holiday Essentials

Murad- Time release acne cleanser, St Ives- Apricot scrub, Nivea- Moisturising day cream, Montagne Jeunesse- Mud Pac
These are my skin care products for the week, I've tried to keep it low key, but couldn't helping adding the face mask! The first two are face cleansers in sample sizes (one you may recognise from my glossy box post) I thought that these would be great to try out while I'm away, I'm taking two in case one is a complete diaster and leaves me looking like a spotty lobster! My next product is my moisturiser that I use everyday, I'm quite lucky that its such a small bottle so will be easy to fit in :)

Ted Baker Body wear, Scrub a dub dub- Body Scrub, Big Sexy Hair- Shampoo & Conditioner
These are my shampoos and ermm... body products!?  I'm taking a bodyscrub so that I can exfoliate throughout the week and want to give the brand ago as I haven't tried there products before! I'm also taking Big Sexy Hair, the shampoo and conditioner. I brought these are the Clothes Show last year and only now getting round to using them. I may do a review on these as I also have a Curly Sexy Hair set too!

The daily surge- Body Lotion, Ted Baker- Body Lotion.
These are my body lotions or moisturisers if you will! These will be an essential why I am away as I know my dad has lots of walks planned which are bound to dry out my!! Anyway, as usual, I couldn't decide which one to bring, and since I haven't tried either of them I thought that it would be nice to bring them both along for the ride! 

What are your skincare travel must-haves? 



  1. I really wanna try the big sexy hair!
    Lucy x

  2. I always take facial wipes with me as they're quick and easy to use and can be really refreshing as well. :)

  3. I'm not a lover of Ted Baker products, but I too want to try the Big Sexy Hair!

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  4. I've been using the face mask lately. I haven't really seen much difference. But I do love the apricot scrub, seriously best stuff ever!


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