Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm just an ELF

Happy fridayy!
Many of you will know that ELF recently had an epic 50% off sale. I went completely overboard hearing this and brought basically their entire stock. I was so happy when they arrived today I wanted to do a blog post for you guys. Instead of doing a haul I thought that I would challenge myself to a 100% ELF look. (Yes, that did mean opening my mums mascara.. opps)

Products I used: 
Lipstick- Natural Nymph
Day 2 Night quad-  The Cream bit
Lipgloss - Au Naturale
Brow kit
Luxe quad- The dark brown bit
Tone correcting concealer
Pressed powder
complexion perfection
Pearl eye primer
contouring blush and bronzing powder
Eyeliner pen - Coffee
Cream eyeshadow - Dawn
Mineral infused mascara - Black
Flawless finish foundation

All that the brushes I used to create this look were from the Studio ELF line too :) I hope you have enjoyed this, as you can see I wanted to try out as many products as possible, sorry if it looks like an overload... What are your favourite ELF products??

Please let me know if there any of these products that you want me to go into more detail and do a separate review for, any requests at all :))


  1. did you put the right pic up? Or did you just use a reeaally light hand? lol :)

  2. light hand means you didnt apply much pressure or use much product, the make up isnt very noticeable is what i mean :)

  3. oh right, its the lighting! My camara ran out of battery so was the best pictures I had :/

  4. i like that shimmery effect on lids.

  5. I've never heard of the brand before! They have really pretty eyeshadows! Looks good on you! xoxooxo

  6. Hi,
    I love this look
    It looks great on you
    I really like your header:)
    Could you please comment on one of my posts that would be awesome:)
    Have a nice day


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