Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Guest Bloggers? Yes pleaseee

Hellooo... Today I am asking for Guest Bloggers. I know a lot of bloggers are doing this at the moment but I think that is a really nice way to get to know other bloggers and... share the love!

If you are interested in creating a guest post for my blog, please leave a comment below with your email address, or email me : and I will email you  about the details.

This is open to anyone so please don't feel that you blog isn't quite right or something I wouldn't be interested in! Can't wait to hear from you!!



  1. I would love to guest post for you! :)
    My email address is x

  2. I wouldn't mind :) I've done a couple so far!
    Emails on my blog <3


  3. Sure, I'd love to but I'm new to it so I'd have to be explained to. :)


  4. I'd love to do one. :)

  5. i wouldn't mind! What would I have to blog on?
    my contact form is on my blog!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  6. I'd love too - I haven't done one before but i've been blogging for two years! comment back on my blog or email on

  7. i would like to give it a whirl as im stepping from the music world into the blogging world! im in - spk soon :)

  8. I love this idea! It's such a great way to meet new bloggers. I have new guest bloggers on my blog every Friday so maybe we could swap on the same day or something fun like that? My email is Cat [at] BudgetBlonde [dot] com

  9. I know I'm a new reader but I would love to do one for your blog. my email is:


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