Thursday, 11 August 2011

Carmen Hairstyler... Part 2!

As promised, here is the second part to my 3 Carmen hair series. You can find the first post here (Link) which looked at achieving summer waves! The second post is going to be on the 1 inch curler :)

I have always though that curled hair looks gorgeous, especially when they have a relaxed style that looks, so natural... However, its a different story when I curl mine! The bottom of my hair always goes right, with the luscious, silky curls stay in place. Its the top I have problems with, I curl it, I look like a little girl. I leave it and look like half a job harry! I decided in the end that it would be the best idea to curl it but pin it back... best of both worlds! Sorry for the most rambleee introduction evarrr!

As you can see from the finished product, it was great at curling my hair, and overall I was very pleased with the result. It took far less time then I thought (about 20 minutes!). Overall I would definitely use these curlers again as they were quick and easy to use. Also, I may finally be able to get the knack of them! Check out my last addition to this series where take a look at the angled curling wand! :)

PS. If anyone comments, sends or tweets me any messages I probably won't be able to reply till Monday as I go away tomorrow. I have scheduled post for the next few day to spoil you though! I promise as always I will reply to your questions just maybe not straight away.

PPS. If you didn't know already ^ I have twitter! Follow me Lovelain94 (Link).

Have a lovely day Girliess... and Gals!


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  2. I'm loving the curls they're so cute chick, you look super pretty :-) xx


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