Sunday, 28 August 2011

Skincare Travel Essentials

Holiday!!!! As some of you who follow me on twitter will know, I on holiday right now! (This post is scheduled!) As I was packing my suitcase I thought that I would share my beauty travel essentials. The only shame is I'm going so late in the year most people will of had there holidays, oh well... maybe a late September break for some people! :) Just remember I only went to Wales so may not have the spritz spray and after sun you would be thinking of.

All the products that I am taking are sample sizes as they are easier to fit in my bag and gives me a chance to try out lots of new products... something to take myself away from the British weather.

Holiday Essentials

Murad- Time release acne cleanser, St Ives- Apricot scrub, Nivea- Moisturising day cream, Montagne Jeunesse- Mud Pac
These are my skin care products for the week, I've tried to keep it low key, but couldn't helping adding the face mask! The first two are face cleansers in sample sizes (one you may recognise from my glossy box post) I thought that these would be great to try out while I'm away, I'm taking two in case one is a complete diaster and leaves me looking like a spotty lobster! My next product is my moisturiser that I use everyday, I'm quite lucky that its such a small bottle so will be easy to fit in :)

Ted Baker Body wear, Scrub a dub dub- Body Scrub, Big Sexy Hair- Shampoo & Conditioner
These are my shampoos and ermm... body products!?  I'm taking a bodyscrub so that I can exfoliate throughout the week and want to give the brand ago as I haven't tried there products before! I'm also taking Big Sexy Hair, the shampoo and conditioner. I brought these are the Clothes Show last year and only now getting round to using them. I may do a review on these as I also have a Curly Sexy Hair set too!

The daily surge- Body Lotion, Ted Baker- Body Lotion.
These are my body lotions or moisturisers if you will! These will be an essential why I am away as I know my dad has lots of walks planned which are bound to dry out my!! Anyway, as usual, I couldn't decide which one to bring, and since I haven't tried either of them I thought that it would be nice to bring them both along for the ride! 

What are your skincare travel must-haves? 


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Guest Bloggers? Yes pleaseee

Hellooo... Today I am asking for Guest Bloggers. I know a lot of bloggers are doing this at the moment but I think that is a really nice way to get to know other bloggers and... share the love!

If you are interested in creating a guest post for my blog, please leave a comment below with your email address, or email me : and I will email you  about the details.

This is open to anyone so please don't feel that you blog isn't quite right or something I wouldn't be interested in! Can't wait to hear from you!!


Friday, 19 August 2011

August Glossy Box!

Yes, its that exciting time again! Where we all ready to charge as soon as we see the man in the red van come to the door! Mine seems to be quite lazy and turned up at about half 12 today... early!
This Months theme was: 

Wash and glow: 5 high performing products for easy going girls

This months Glossy Box contains-

Rebel Nails - Nail Wraps
I have been wanting to try nails wraps for so long and can't wait to give them a go (tutorial on the way!)

Daniel Sandler - Jumbo Jet Mascara 
Not one to ever say no to make up, I'm more than happy to give this mascara a go, and can't wait to see what its like! 

Murad- Time Release Acne Cleanser
 I am also in the long (and never ending) search for an amazing cleanser, fingers crossed for this one!

Ahava - Mineral Body Lotion
This smells amazing, just smelling it is enough to make me want to but it full price!

KMS California - Colourvitality
 Heat protectant is a must and my Aussie winner is running out so this has come at the perfect time!

I think that this months Glossy Box will get mixed reviews. However, I think that its great! Yes there aren't as many makeup products as I would ideally like but I really like this! It gives a chance to try out products I would normally spend my money on... which is the whole point of the Glossy Box!

What are you opinions on this Months Glossy Box?
Whats you favourite product from this Months Glossy Box?


Monday, 15 August 2011

ABC: All about you

Would you look at that, another post... I'm spoiling you guys. I got this off a post Blair Fowler did on there website If you have never heard about her, first of all... where have you been ahaa. She and her sister are arguably the most popular beauty gurus in the world... here is a link to her channel on YouTube,

B- BIRTHDAY: February 11th, 1994
C- CRUSHING ON: I can't say that hehh ;)
E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: My mum, she is my best friend and I can tell her anything :D
F - FAVORITE SONG AT THE MOMENT: I'm glad you came by The Wanted
G - GIRL OR BOY: Girl.
I was born in Chatham in Kent and moved to Cheshire when I was three years old

I - IN LOVE WITH: My beagle Floyd!
J - JUGGLE: Nopee... though I would like to be able too.
K - KILLED SOMEONE: Of course not!
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: Driving from my Nans to home which took 5 hours
M - MILKSHAKE FLAVOUR: I love Strawberry Milkshakes from Mcdonalds yummm...
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 1. An older brother
O - ONE WISH: To be happy and successful... and for my subscribers too ;)
Q - ?
R - REASON TO SMILE: The family and the loved ones that I have in my life.
U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: Right now? Black and cream
V - VEGETABLE(S): Ermm.... carrots, peas, broccoli I think that's about it!
W - WORST HABIT: Putting things off.
I last had an x-ray when I was 14 on my chest, I was ill in hospital and they were trying to eliminate every possible outcome... turns out it was completely unrelated.
Y - YOU ARE: Tired and going to bed very soon
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Aquarius

Comment me or tag me in your ABC and let me know a bit about you!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Nails!! I actually can't believe I haven't done a post 100% related to my nails yet! Well that's about to change! This post is about I product I brought in my Haul post last week, its that GOSH nail glitter. I got this in Grey Moonshine as I felt that this would go with the most things!

My first aim was to have my nails half glitter... that went down the pan! I tried and it went completely wrong, I'm seriously hopeless.. Help me! I ended up covering the whole of my nail, and while it looks good it wasn't really the look that I was going for!

Here are the instructions on the box of what to do...
1. Paint you nails with a clear undercoat (I used Sally Hansen's double duty)
2. while the coat is still wet dip your nails in the jars.
3. Brush off any access and leave to dry
4. Apply a top coat

Very simple to do, but takes for evarr to dry! Here is the finished result...

The nails do look very pretty and even more sparkly in low lighting, so a definate for a night out! I think that they would also look better if I hadn't painted the white underneath (which was originally meant to be seen!)

Have any of you tried these nails glitters out and what are your thoughts on them?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Carmen Hairstyler... Part 2!

As promised, here is the second part to my 3 Carmen hair series. You can find the first post here (Link) which looked at achieving summer waves! The second post is going to be on the 1 inch curler :)

I have always though that curled hair looks gorgeous, especially when they have a relaxed style that looks, so natural... However, its a different story when I curl mine! The bottom of my hair always goes right, with the luscious, silky curls stay in place. Its the top I have problems with, I curl it, I look like a little girl. I leave it and look like half a job harry! I decided in the end that it would be the best idea to curl it but pin it back... best of both worlds! Sorry for the most rambleee introduction evarrr!

As you can see from the finished product, it was great at curling my hair, and overall I was very pleased with the result. It took far less time then I thought (about 20 minutes!). Overall I would definitely use these curlers again as they were quick and easy to use. Also, I may finally be able to get the knack of them! Check out my last addition to this series where take a look at the angled curling wand! :)

PS. If anyone comments, sends or tweets me any messages I probably won't be able to reply till Monday as I go away tomorrow. I have scheduled post for the next few day to spoil you though! I promise as always I will reply to your questions just maybe not straight away.

PPS. If you didn't know already ^ I have twitter! Follow me Lovelain94 (Link).

Have a lovely day Girliess... and Gals!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lipppyyy Tag!

Heloooo Fellow bloggers :)
Today's post is a fun TAG post about Lipsticks, I was tagged by the amazing Sherrie of Mirror mirror on the wall!
I absolutely love tag posts, and I am very excited to do this one as its about lipsticks!

1. How many lipsticks do you have?
I have around 20 lipsticks, after a mahoosive clear out a few months ago :)

2. What is the first ever lipstick you brought?
Natural collection Raspberry, which has since been replaced.

3. What is your newest lipstick?
ELF Nicely Nude

4.What is your favourite lipstick brand?
Too manyy, ELF, Estee Lauder, Rimmel, Barry M ... Don't make me choose! ;)

5. Favourite pink?   Rimmel London 'Desirable'

6. Favourite nude?  ELF 'Natural Nymph'

7. Favourite peach/coral?  ELF 'Cool Coral'

8. Favourite red?  Natural Collection 'Raspberry'

9. Favourite hot pink?  Estee Lauder 'Starlit Pink'

10. Favourite brown?  Rimmel London 'Brazilian'

11. Favourite rosewood?  No7 'Waterlily'

12. Favourite plum?  'Magnifispice'

  Apologies for the boring background in this post but I wanted to make sure you 
could see the lipsticks well!

13. Other favourite lipsticks

Estee Lauder Chelsea Rose, No7 Sugar Plum, ELF Nicely Nude, Rimmel London Shout, ELF Runway pink

I tweeted some lovely girls to ask if I could tag them in this post they all agreed which is fab! and can't wait to hear there responses! Please check out their blogs if you haven't before, there all great!

Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm just an ELF

Happy fridayy!
Many of you will know that ELF recently had an epic 50% off sale. I went completely overboard hearing this and brought basically their entire stock. I was so happy when they arrived today I wanted to do a blog post for you guys. Instead of doing a haul I thought that I would challenge myself to a 100% ELF look. (Yes, that did mean opening my mums mascara.. opps)

Products I used: 
Lipstick- Natural Nymph
Day 2 Night quad-  The Cream bit
Lipgloss - Au Naturale
Brow kit
Luxe quad- The dark brown bit
Tone correcting concealer
Pressed powder
complexion perfection
Pearl eye primer
contouring blush and bronzing powder
Eyeliner pen - Coffee
Cream eyeshadow - Dawn
Mineral infused mascara - Black
Flawless finish foundation

All that the brushes I used to create this look were from the Studio ELF line too :) I hope you have enjoyed this, as you can see I wanted to try out as many products as possible, sorry if it looks like an overload... What are your favourite ELF products??

Please let me know if there any of these products that you want me to go into more detail and do a separate review for, any requests at all :))

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I headed in to town today and pick up a few bits and bobs, I felt I was owed from the extra hours I did a work last week... I'll always find an excuse to spend money ;) I actually only went to get Lee Stafford's hair treatment but ended up buying this lot >

Nail varnish seems to be my main buy at the minute and today was no different, In Asda I brought the Sally Hansen 'Double Duty' base coat and top coat in one as suggest by youtube's shirleybeniang. I also brought a shatter polish in Gold from Beauty UK which if it works will be a really great product. I also took a fancy to the GOSH nail glitter as I have heard good things about it online, I'll be uploading a how to post soon (As soon as I learn how to!)

I was in Asda having a mooch around when I saw a George makeup stand, that's when I was reminded of the new collection Asda have just introduced. I picked up a velvet eyeshadow in Topaz which is so pigmented its unbelievable. I also decided to have a go at Benefits dupe 'Glow shine', although having never tried Benefits High Beam it will be hard to compare ;)

I popped in to Superdrug and decided to have a go at the 2True collection they have in there. I have one eyeshadow from this collection which I love as its the deepest black evarrr... I decided to try the 3 in 1 concealer as I'm still waiting for mine to arrive after the epic ELF sale last week. I also tried another Benefit dupe... a rose tinted lip and cheek stain. Having only had this product about 2 hours I have already decided that it is rubbish! It doesn't blend well at all and gives you a big red line down your face, not impressed! Although what did cheer me up was my eyeshadow in No.3, its a pink/cream shimmer that will be perfect for a neutral shade, can't wait to try it out  properly :)

While in Superdrug I decided to buy some Velcro rollers, I have some large ones but never really used them all over my hair and was inspired after watching Swalkermakeup on youtube style them, I will also be posting a how to post on these :)

I picked up these nail polishes for free, yes FREE! No, before anyone asks I didn't steal them ;) If you brought two drinks in Superdrug you recieved a MUA gift, of course after seeing this offer I felt quite thirsty! I was given the choice of colours I picked these as I am in dire need of a black nail polish since mine have gone 'gloopy'!

I have been wanting to try this for a while so finally decided to give it a go. Its Lee Stafford's Treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length (catchy title, I know).  I have had so many problems trying to get my hair to grow any longer, and while I'm not completely convinced by this product I'm willing to give it ago.

 Now something a little less beauty related, earrings! My first dangly pair to be exact... I have tried dangly earring before but feel I look like I'm trying to look older than my 17 years. These are a lot smaller than they look so aren't quite as dramatic as they appear, which is good for me! The next pair were only 50p due to being reduced to half price from a £1 ( I would have been happy to of paid that!) I thought that this will look really nice with small studs when I eventually get round to having another piecing on my ear!

What are your thoughts on these products?
Let me know what you have brought recently
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