Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Glossy Box!!

My blog today as you probably guess is about the Glossy Box! I know a lot bloggers did a post about this the exciting day when the Glossy Box arrived. For this month though I decided to try out the products first... kind like a review type thing :)

For anyone who doesn't know, Glossy Box is a monthly subscription service where you receive around five high end productions which are sample sizes (as you can see below only one is sample size! doesn't happen all the time, but is great when it does). The service costs £10 which I think is well worth the money and it comes beautifully packaged too!

I first ordered the Glossy Box as soon as I discovered what came in the May version, by then it had already sold out for June so the July Glossy Box was my first one, and I must admit that when I saw the email saying my order had been dispatched I did do a bit of a dance... you can probably guess my reaction when the box was actually delivered!

Although this was my first Glossy box, I have been keeping tabs on what has been delivered in the past. After the joys of may and the disappointments of June I wasn't sure what to expect. However, the box was brilliant and I don't think I could of been much happier. I admit there are products that I wouldn't normally buy but, isn't that the whole point of the Glossy Box, to try out products that you couldn't/wouldn't normally buy?

I know there were some variations in what came in the box, but here are the goodies that I was lucky enough to receive...

Lip Skin Therapy- Lip rescue gel
Although, I do love to wear lipsticks and glosses I wouldn't say that it is one of my must haves (basically because I don't like my lips! But I was interested to see if this really did plump my lips. The result... it did, slightly?! But I guess some is better than none! What I really loved about this product is the fact that it made by lips really shiny but at the same time they didn't look ultra gloopy and it smelled gorgeousss! Definitely will be using this product.

Ultrasun- SPF30 for face
I haven't really had chance to try this product what with the British weather, though I did try it out to see how it felt on the skin. I must say that this product left my skin feeling soft and didn't feel really think on my skin, would definitely consider buying again!

Illamasqua- Pure pigment

I must admit that this was the product that I was most excited about trying, I'm an eyeshadow girl ;) I don't to wear much purple so to start off with I was a little disappointed about the colour, until I swatched it. It may be hard to tell from the image but the pigment came out like a purple smokey look perfect for a smokey eye. I haven't had a proper chance to try this product but can't wait to :))
Ciate - paint pots
I absolutely love nail polishes, but when I got this I first thought NOOOO! I already have this colour :( Until I went and put it in my nail polish collection and compared it to the other colour... its completely different, its no where near the same! Sorry, enough of my weirdness! The nail polish is a gorgeous colour,  and went on really easily (sorry, forgot to take a picture of it on)! It did chip a bit but would consider buying again.

Weleda pomegranate regenerating body oil
This the the product that I would never consider buying, which why I was more than happy to try this out. First off, if you use this a little goes a long way... I learnt this the hard way! I can not exaggerate this enough... the product smells AMAZING both in the bottle and on my skin. It also left my skin so soft and smooth I am really considering dishing out the £20 for this product again when this hefty bottle runs out!

So what did you get/want in your Glossy box? 



  1. Lip rescue sounds interesting - would have loved to try it. I like the nail polish colour too. :) x

  2. This is a great box, I've signed up to boudoir prive so really interested to see how it compares x

  3. I've heard about that.. it looks good :) x

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  5. That's some great stuff.
    You have a new follower :) and if your interested come enter my giveaway for a chance to win a hold Me Bag cosmetic organizer. You can view the video and enter from the contest image in my side bar. If you would like to follow back, please use Google friend connect because the blog follow is acting up. Good Luck! XOXO

  6. The lip rescue gel looks interesting and the nail polish shade is lovely.:D

    ***** Marie ******

  7. wow how cool. ! I would love to join a service like this..and thanks for the comment on my " Ocean Salt review"..I been lacking on blogging lately gutta get back into the habit of it hehe..Great blog though BTW .<3 andrea XOXO


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