Monday, 27 June 2011

St Moriz Reviewwww

I decided to get this fake tan after watching a lot of reviews on you tube about it, none of which were bad by the way. Alot of the reviewers said that it was a cheap version of St Tropiz.... which is must admit is very true.
I brought this product off amazon... wierd I know but you can get anything off there!Anyway the spray was £3 and the mouse cost me £4, and what do I have to say for it WOW WEE! This product is amazing I love it! So many people have been asking me where I've been on holiday and I love spilling the fake tan secret to them.

The mouse is my favourite of the two as its easier to control by putting it onto my mitt and then rubbing in. It first comes out in a very dark colour which is helpful to see where there are any gaps. The spray has the same colour qualities but is less easier to handle and I ended up spraying half onto my floor. My advice for using the spray would be to do it in a bathroom where it doesn't matter it the tan gets in the floor... it washes off clothing anyway. The fake tan usually lasts about a week but I would say its best to was it off after about 3 days to save the blotchy look.
This product is a must for anyone who has tried lots of other tans and still failed to find the right one.... try it, its not going to break the bank, trust me you will love it!


  1. Completely agree, I swear by this brand... I've always stayed with the mousse and haven't ever tried the spray, but from your review I think I'll stick with it!


  2. I bought this a couple weeks back, still havent got around to use it! I'd be lethal with the spray version! :P x


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