Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Lush Haul....

Hey Folks
Sorry for not posting recently had a lot of stress with exams... Thank God there over!
I've never really used Lush products before but I have been told that the products are excellent. I decided to try a few products to see what I liked, thinking that it would be a half an hour jobby soon turned into 2 hours staring at my computer screen struggling to decide what to buy... in the end i decided to go for Rub Rub Rub, Love Lettuce, Demon in the dark and Ocean salt. Not forgetting of course to ask for a few free samples with my delivery to make the choice easier next time!

 I first tried the rub rub rub. This cost £7.35 for 330g. I must admit I had very high expectations for this product as it claimed to refresh and smooth my skin... also with an added bonus of a shampoo! Well, I'll be honest.... I LOVED IT! I thought that this product was really great it left my skin so silky smooth and I could really feel it working as I was putting it on. My only complaint that I would have to make about this product is that, I left this in my shower and even when I wasn't using it for some reason water kept getting in. It wasn't too much of a problem but it mean't that the rub became too watery. :( So my advice would be to keep it somewhere where its not going to get wet and take it out of the shower. So that this amazing product doesn't get ruined.

I then had a dab at using the Ocean salt. This was a really good product it left my face feeling so soft and refreshed. Although, I would suggest doing this over your sink as I ended up with most of the salts from this products on my bathroom floor! I would suggest using a portable mirror if you don't have one infront of your sink. Another really important point is.... DON'T SCRATCH YOUR SKIN OFF! You really need to make sure that you massage gently into your face as it can be really harsh on your skin.

Ok, so the next product that I tried was the Love Lettuce face mask this cost me £5.25 for 75g. I thought that this was a bit steep for the amount you get, but when it arrived I realised that it was more than enough for my rosy cheeks. This product was really good and my skin felt really refresehed after. One problem... a BIG problem, it went MOULDY! The product arrived on the 7th June and written on the side was the day it ran out being the 28th June. I thought that this was pretty soon so got about using it. I've used it 2 times and it has already gone moldy. It lasted 11 DAYS! I even kept it in the fridge as well!
The last product that I tested was a soap called 'Demon in the dark'... whooo! Anyway ;) I was actually surprised by this product. I don't tend to use soaps that often to wash with. I can tell you thats about to change. Granted, the product did leave my skin feel quite well, wierd... its hard to explain. But after a while my skin just smelt very minty and fresh. I'm not sure that I would by this exact soap again but I'm definately ready to try some new ones... any suggestions let me know.

So what do you guys think about Lush?

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  1. Absolutely LOVE Lush, apparently the body lotion called 'Creme Anglaise' (or something) is amazing, (according to Blair Fowler on youtube), my favourites are the Vanilla bath bombs and the lip scrubs xxx AND the soap called Porridge is amazing, sorry for rant haha x


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