Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lash Architect 4D Review :))

I popped in to town yesterday to get my contact lenses, but as usual I was dragged in to boots by the make up counter calling. That's when I picked up this little beauty. Its the new 'L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D' and retails at £6.99. I've seen this on an advert on TV and couldn't wait to try it out, I mean 4D is that even possible!

For starters I loved the tube that the mascara came in, it was super shiny and had loads of different sides to it... very groovy. < Well, that's a word I should never use again :/

The mascara claims to volume, lengthen, texturize and curve, 4 things, 4D... Get it?! Anyway, I tried the mascara virtually straight after buying it and was pleasantly surprised. The mascara definitely added texture and length to my lashes and I was really happy with how long it stayed on for. The only problems with this mascara was the volume. My lashes still looked thin and i wanted a more powerful dark look that would go with a smokey eye look.
I've always had problems with the curving of my lashes. This was no different for this mascara, even with the use of a curler. They are forever pointing straight from my eye and I am thinking of buying a heated eye lash curler. Do any of you guys have one.... Is it worth it?

Overall, I would say that this mascara was worth the money, but couldn't beat my usual mascara 'Max Factor False Lash Effect' mascara. So the quest continues for the worlds greatest mascara....

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