Saturday, 1 October 2016

Hidden Adventure

A few weeks ago, with an unexpected Saturday off, I decided to grab my camera and go on an adventure. There is a small path tucked behind a quaint cottage not too far from where I live. I only discovered it recently but became increasing curious to discover where the path led. After haphazardly making my way through overgrown nettles and bushes, I came along a quiet strip of a canal. The weather was perfect for taking pictures of a summer haze and I was excited to make use of my 50mm lens. 

Considering this was my first trip in a long time with my camera, I was extremely happy with the outcome. I especially like the first image. I found the bench completely secluded and almost hidden from view. It was in pretty bad shape and I wouldn't advise sitting on it, but it was beautiful to think that this may have previously been someone's favourite hideaway spot.

Looking forward to lots more adventures and exploring.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Results with Lucy #1

Anyone that has known me a long time, will know that my weight is an ongoing battle. I am a serial 'yo-yo' dieter and struggle to stick to a plan long enough to see a big difference. 

While scrolling through Instagram, I recently came across an account called, 'Results with Lucy'. The account is jam-packed with so many amazing weight loss journeys including inspiring result pictures. After a short time of following the page, I discovered that 'Results with Lucy' is actually a healthy living plan, featuring meal plans, workouts, and lifestyle tips. I was immediately intrigued, so when I found out that Results with Lucy were looking to work with bloggers, I jumped at the chance to give one of their plans a try. After speaking with Danielle at Results With Lucy, I decided to opt with the 'New Beginnings' plan which is perfect for people looking to kick start a new lifestyle. 

The plan is a total of 14 weeks with 4 workouts a week and a daily meal plan. In a few weeks, I am going to be posting an update about how I am getting on with the plan so far. Till then, I leave you with these rather unflattering before photos, how I hope this will be the last I see of my body in this sort of shape. I don't feel confident enough to post my measurements or weight at the moment, but I will, of course, be revealing in my next post any changes. I've been doing the plan a few weeks now, but I am going to keep quiet about how I am fairing at the moment, stay tuned to hear more about my journey.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Simply Me

'You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost'
Martha Graham

Welcome to Faye Olivia, rather than explain in great detail where I have been, I want to keep it brief. I fell completely and utterly out of love with my blog content. While my 17-year-old self-had loved reviewing the latest contouring kit or posting my wishlist cravings, 5 years later, and as expected my interests changed. The blogging world that I recently become engulfed in had turned into the rules, guides and numerous ways to run a blog, the magic of writing and photography that I had once adored became lost. While we all have our own motivators, the ever growing politics of blogging became my poison, I lost my magic and the blog drive that I loved. I decided to take some time away to think things through. There was no time frame set out, but just a need to get away and rethink the path I wanted for my blog and for myself.

So here I am, standing in front of you today as Faye Olivia. Unapologetically terrible at scheduling tweets, having an Instagram theme and posting every day, but someone who loves to write, share ideas and make friends. Please allow me the opportunity to demonstrate my passions and interests as I try to muddle my way through this adventure

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